Q. What does World Divine Light Organization do?

A. We offer spiritual contributions to many people around the world. We aim to glorify the Divine Name of the Creator.


Q. What does World Divine Light teach?

A. For legal purpose, World Divine Light Organization is registered as a religious corporation. Although our teachings are based on Shintoism, Japan’s ancient religion, we honor all religions and welcome people of all faiths. Our core teachings are universal. It is not our intention to change anyone’s religion. It is our intention to share the teachings and practice of Divine Light Purification with as many people as possible, and bring happiness to the world. Therefore, we welcome everyone, regardless of creed or race, who wants to join our activities.


Q. Do I have to abandon my religious faith?

A. No. You keep it. We accept people from all religious faiths, so that they can strengthen their spirituality.


Q. What is the Spiritual Art of Divine Light?

A. “The Spiritual Art of Divine Light” is the art of radiating dimensional Divine Light through one’s palm. When we receive or give Divine Light to someone, we connect with the extraordinary pure Light Waves that come from the highest dimensional Divine World. In Spiritual Training, we give and receive Divine Light as frequently as possible so that we can continuously stay connected with The Divine Spirit. As a result, our individual soul and spirit are purified and elevated to a higher level.


Q. Where does Divine Light come from?

A. Each practitioner wears a Holy Pendant which has a connection with God, and through this Pendant, practitioners radiate Divine Light coming from the High Dimensional World, God’s World.


Q. Does Divine Light heal disease?

A. No. It is different from Medical Treatment. We are dealing with our Spiritual Aspect. As a result, your physical body gets positive effect because your Spirit exists as a higher vibration and when it gets purified, its good influences flow down to your physical body which is a lower vibration. Its original purpose is for Spiritual Development.


Q. How can I start the spiritual training?

A. You are required to attend a 3-Day Basic Seminar. We hold it every month.


Q. What is it like when I receive Divine Light? Can I actually see it or feel it?

A. It depends on the person. We are NOT trying to feel or see it through this practice.  Sometimes people feel a great difference after they receive it. But even if people don’t feel anything, it does not mean their spiritual situation is weak. When they receive Divine Light frequently, they will notice changes in many aspects of their lives.


Q. Is Divine Light similar to other spiritual practices or energy work?

A. We don’t have any intention of comparing Divine Light with any other practice or spiritual path.