Spiritual Volunteers

World Divine Light Organization is engaged in promoting a Spiritual Volunteer Movement. The purpose is to help people purify their souls and positively change their innermost minds with the “Spiritual Art of Divine Light”, and “Teaching of the Universal Laws.” We wish for the realization of a heavenly civilization so that the whole world is filled with loving and generous people.

We, Spiritual Volunteers, endeavor to perform the Purification Art anytime and anywhere in our daily lives. It is for spreading the circle of “Spiritual Salvation” as much as possible based on the “Spiritual Art of Divine Light” and “Teaching of the Universal Laws”.

By practicing the Art of Divine Light, the performer can also receive Divine Light, as well as the receiver. That is to say, the more one performs the Art of Divine Light, the more one’s own purification happens, while saving others. Additionally, by praying and practicing for others’ salvation through the Spiritual Volunteer activities, people can naturally cultivate their heart of caring for others through “Altruistic Love”, which makes them attuned with God. As a result, Spiritual Volunteers themselves will be saved automatically, without asking.

We are taught, ” The delight of saving others is greater than the delight of being saved”. We can feel such great delight of saving others when we participate in salvation activities as Spiritual Volunteers. When many people join the Spiritual Volunteer activities and start a life of loving one another, helping  and supporting others, many circles of delight and salvation will grow in society. We wish to realize such a wonderful world.