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Divine Light Mazagine Sample Page



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Divine Teaching Speech from Third Oshienushi-Sama

“It is because one is not willing to do it but not because one is not capable of doing it” Acknowledge this message as Second Oshienushi-sama’s message to all of us. Go forward to accomplish a successful 60th Grand Anniversary Festival.

Date: March 3rd,2019
Place: Suza, World Main Shrine
Occasion: Monthly Ceremony

Risshun Festival that the youth members created

Congratulations everyone on attending the March Commencement Ceremony today.
In February, we held the Risshun Festival where MYA (Mahikari Youth Association) took an initiative to plan and operate it. It was also their practice for the MYA World Rally at the 60th Grand Anniversary Festival. Because of their united efforts, we were able to hold a magnificent Risshun Festival.
At the beginning of the 31st of the Heisei Era, we were able to make a great start. After the 60th Grand Anniversary Festival, the World Divine Light Organization will step onto the stage where our teaching and the art of Divine Light will spread to the world as our name suggests.
Therefore, making a successful Risshun Festival was indispensable for our organization before entering the growth phase. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their dedication to achieving a successful Festival. It was also very encouraging for me to witness all the youth members who were engaged in divine services inside and outside of Su-za, including flag bearers and placard girls.

Remarkable Progress on Local Su-za construction projects abroad after Risshun Festival

Let me update all of you about the progress of our activities after the Risshun Festival. Just after the Risshun Festival, the entrance examinations of both Yoko College and Yoko High School took place. At the time of my 78th birthday, I declared my three objectives, which are to complete three local Su-zas abroad, in Taiwan, Mexico, and Hawaii. I can say that our sincere prayers at the Risshun Festival made a big impact on this progress. In Taiwan, the contract was signed with the construction company and they will kick off its workflow in March. In Mexico, the blueprint of the building was completed. According to the current situation, I can say that both local Su-zas in Taiwan and Mexico will be completed within one year. I also made a trip to Hawaii to property hunt for a suitable place for a Divine Light center. Even though the search is still ongoing, we are at a stage where a decision will almost certainly be made before the end of March. The prospective site for center is located in Waikiki. The beaches in Waikiki attract many tourists and so I am almost certain the publicity will be outstanding. In this sense, the announcement I made to all of you regarding the 3 preparations for global expansion began progressing forward the moment the prayers were made for the Risshun Festival in February. I felt the Spiritual World shifting as well.
Additionally, Cui Ruzhuo Art Museum and Yoko Museum will be opening in the prestigious district of Torano-mon in central Tokyo. We purchased one whole building, which was originally designated for commercial office use. We applied for a request for changing its purpose for museum use. No previos case for this type of application was found in the past; however, we successfully obtained permission from the city hall. I am very confident that this museum will play a magnificent role in our global expansion activities.
All of your sincerity towards Su-za has been the foothold to advancing global expansion in this way. I feel it is inevitable to not sense the great transformation this organization will also go through this year.

Japanese Local Su-zas have been completed Steadily in the best districts in their regions previous

As our major activities in March, we are going to have a graduation ceremony at Yoko College and High School, and farewell party to send language training doshis to USA and Mexico. In addition, several centers in Japan are planning to have their Completion and Relocation ceremony of their regional Su-zas within this month.
Furthermore, the welfare facility for elder people called “Pure smile Iida” will be completing in Iida city, Nagano Prefecture. We are going to hold its completion ceremony on the 21st of March.
In respect of our activities aboard, Perth Contact Branch in Australia was relocated to a new address. In addition, a new contract branch will be inaugurated in Quezon City in the Philippines. Kamikumites who were originally from the Philippines and currently residing in Chicago, USA, made this possible by providing their own home for our organization.
In the Holy Land, we are proceeding with the construction of optical cables connecting the whole area. On the third floor of the Main Shrine, the construction of visitor restrooms and translator’s booth has just been completed last month. In this way, all construction regarding the Holy Land is progressing favorably.
In order to bring steady progress to our global expansion activity, I want to ask each Divine Light Center to combine everyone’s power as one so that each kamikumite can guide one person to be a part of our Divine Light family. Such effort of each Kamikumite will be the result to have a successful 60th Grand Anniversary Festival. By doing this, I am sure that Su-God will be very pleased. This will mark a new departure towards the upcoming growth phase in our organization.

Overcoming severe difficulties (cleansing) with the heart of gratitude and apologies

I was very impressed by the daughter of today’s thanksgiving reporter for her thoughtfulness as she was worried about her family’s finances when she was still in elementary school. Her family also must have had solid faith in God, which I believe helped them cooperate with each other and take care of her mother who had developed dementia. Since her mother carried all the family’s spiritual impurities and left for the astral world, the surviving family members should be able to build a much happier household from now on.
It is so important for us to accept reality and to try to overcome challenges with gratitude and apologies to God, especially when facing extraordinary cleansing which everyone may see as nothing but misfortune. I believe that overcoming such cleansing is only possible by practicing Divine Light. This time, her daughter is departing for Mexico, with a desire that she would repay God for His protection that she has received. Like her, having a strong will of not giving up in any circumstance will give you strong lasting faith.

It is because one is not willing to do it but not because one is not capable of doing it”

The Second Oshienushi-sama used to say occasionally “Where there is a will, there is a way. Nothing is accomplished when you don’t have a mind to do it.” Sure enough, the Second Oshienushi-Sama accomplished the completion of Su-za, World Main Shrine, which was actually believed to be difficult. His strong will was a true example of this saying, “It is because one is not willing to do it but not because one is not capable of doing it.”
This phrase can be found in the section of `”King Hui of Liang” in Mencius. Feudal load, Yozan Uesugi said, “If you don’t try, you will not succeed. This is true for all things. Not succeeding is the result of not trying.” This saying simply means, “you cannot accomplish it because you don’t try it.” The words of “If you try, you may succeed” has been conveyed as words of encouragement to people.
In addition to that, today is the 3rd of March, which would make it the 110th birthday of the Second Oshienushi-Sama. Today’s monthly commencement ceremony marks my 303rd ceremony ever since I became Oshienushi. Paying attention to these facts and listening to today’s Thanksgiving Testimony, I strongly felt that it was an encouraging message from the Second Oshienushi-Sama saying, “Where there is a will, there is a success. Must do it!” This truly made me refresh my resolution.
The bottom line of this resolution is to hold a successful 60th Grand Anniversary Festival. I am very sure that this is the Second Oshienushi-sama’s wish. I came to realize that the Second Oshienushi-sama made today’s thanksgiving reporter remind us the importance of the spirit of “where there is a will, there is a success” so that we can all seriously work hard towards the 60th Grand Anniversary Festival. The goal of this year is nothing more than to say but holding a successful 60th Grand Anniversary Festival. Additionally, this month, some doshis have been assigned to new centers and positions. There are some Divine Light Centers which will welcome a new assigned doshi. They might be feeling nervous in their new roles in new places. I would like to ask you to welcome them warmly.

Three worlds; the Divine, Astral, and Physical worlds are in an interlocking condition

As today’s ceremony is held on the third of March, let me talk about the meaning for the spirit of the number (Kazodama), three (3). The teaching of “One (1) is the origin and beginning but not one” means that the form of the combination of fire and water is actually one. “Two (2) is two elements and it will not stay always as two” means that fire and water which are supposed to be combined are untied. It signifies that the world of Hodoke, which means that two different elements are untied. “To complete the fruits of three (3)” tells that number three indicate a fruition. In short, the combination of fire and water is number one. Untied fire and water makes number two. There is the arrangement in the Divine teaching that the number three makes the fruition, the completion.
Let me also explain the principle of the trinity condition. Essences of Fire, Water, and Soil are in the trinity condition. The relationship of “Divine, Astral, Physical,” and “Spirit, Mind and Body” are invisible to our eyes, but they are all interlocked. In short, the respective worlds of God, Ancestors, and Physical are consistently interlocking and vibrating with each other based on the principle of the trinity condition.
The best way of avoiding misfortune in our lives is to be connected with the true God. To become unhappy means to receive Misogi-Harahi, the cleansing phenomena of the negative karma. The intention of God is to save all people by giving them Misogi-Harahi to open their positive soul and spirit. Being distant from God or a half-hearted attitude towards God would give a moment for one to be disturbed by evil spirits. Consequently, one’s life would go downhill. If one could overcome this disturbance, God will give him salvation. This is the universal arrangement.
The world of God and Ancestors are tightly connected with our Physical World by vibrations. Offering prayers to God is to harmonize with God’s vibration. The purpose of today’s ceremony is also harmonizing our vibration with God. By harmonizing our vibration in the physical world with God allows us to be unified with God and our Ancestors, and this creates the form of the trinity condition.
In that meaning, let me tell you how to live with the harmonized vibration of God. God prefers the vibration of truth, goodness, and beauty. If we could tune ourselves into having these vibrations, we can unify with God’s Will. This unification and harmonization with God allow us to be a person who can be granted whatever we need. If one’s vibration resonated with the world of evil spirits, one will be under the influence of the negative vibration of false, wickedness, and ugliness. It is very important for us to cultivate our correct judgmental sense of what is true, goodness, and beauty.

Ascertain the truth and cultivate the sense of judgement

Let me explain about the meaning of “Tekken,” see something thoroughly” This means to have a ability to judge what is good or bad. One should be the person who can clearly distinguish good or bad, beauty or ugly, and right and wrong based on centering on God’s Will and vibration. I chose this word “Tekken,” to be in the award ornamental plate at the Annual Expansion Conference in May. Now is the severe era of distinction and separation. In other words, it is the Baptism of Fire in the Fire Period. As we are now entering into such a severe era, it is important for us to have a faithful attitude towards God with the trinity condition and to stay always with God’s vibration. To be such a person, it is important for us to cultivate judgmental sense of what is the truth.
“Tekken,” stand for an ability to acknowledge the truth. Since human have desires, we tend to focus on our own self-esteem and ego, which results in creating distance from God’s vibration. When one’s vibration become opposed to God, it results in harmonizing with vibrations with evil spirits. Consequently, it will lead to unhappiness.
The person who can always tune into God’s will and vibration will be the one who can surely walk towards the path of happiness. This is the universal principle which God administrates to the whole universe.
That is why we try to understand this principle thoroughly, to unify with God, and make our effort to harmonize with God’s vibration.
In other words, an unshakable attitude to accept God’s vibration is important. The world is under the trinity conditions; the Divine, Astral, and Physical World are in an interlocking condition, and by firmly grasping that God is always watching over us, is the path to be a person who can consistently face God thoroughly.
In the Goseigen, the collection of Divine Revelations, there are the phrases saying, “God’s pampering age will be closing” and “World shall enter the severe times.” In other worlds, this indicates, “The era of severe separation and distinction shall come.” It is the prediction that the era of the baptism of fire is coming.
I will continue to offer my prayer wishing all of your happiness here in the main shrine. I want to ask each of you to accumulate your efforts at your center to be a person who has an unshakable faith in Su-God. At the Annual Expansion Conference, which will be held on May 5th, I anticipate to give the ornamental award plate with the letters of “Tekken, (??)” to as many group coordinators as possible who have guided many people to the basic seminar, with my best wishes that many of you can contribute furthermore to guide and save people with their strong faith in Su-God. This concludes my speech. Thank you very much for everyone.