Honolulu Hawaii

E Komo Mai – Welcome to Our Center!

World Divine Light – Honolulu Hawaii Spiritual Center was just opened in Waikiki in 2019. We offer you an opportunity to participate in a life-changing practice: The Art of Divine Light!

The purpose of Divine Light is to purify and aid in returning your consciousness back to its original state of Love, Harmony, Peace and Well-being. Divine Light also assists the body and mind to attune to your spirit which then helps Divine Gifts to flow more easily to you.

To be healthy and happy, it is important to remain positive, even in seemingly negative circumstances. The practice of Divine Light and the Teachings of the Universal Principles show us how to accomplish this. Everyone can practice them in daily life. Regardless of religious backgrounds or lack thereof, the principles work for EVERYONE to enhance their spirituality and connection to life.

It is our pleasure to help you to begin your spiritual improvement! We would love to invite you to our Center with…


Heartfelt Hospitality with Spirit of Aloha

Members of World Divine Light warmly welcome you to the Center and offer you a one (1) hour session of Divine Light.


Answers to Questions About Your Life

Giving and receiving Divine Light and knowledge of the Universal Laws will help to answer your deepest questions. You can be awakening your true self and improve the quality of your life!


Variety of Events

Various Events such as prayer ceremonies, workshops, online classes are available. We also provide 3-day seminar to become a Divine Light Practitioner!













438 Hobron Ln P1 Honolulu, HI 96815

Service Hours

Tue through Sun 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

*Service hours may vary. Please contact us about the schedule.