The Art of Divine Light

The Art of Divine Light

The Art of Divine Light (Mahikari-no-waza in Japanese) is the art of spiritual purification by Divine Light from God. Saints of times past performed this same art and saved many people. It brings forth enlightenment by purifying the invisible spiritual world. It is also the ancient super-religious art of enlightenment given for human beings equally.

The Art of Divine Light has another name that is “Tekazashi”. Tekazashi literally means “To aim one’s hand to something”. This art is to emit God’s divine light. By receiving the divine light, your soul, mind, and body can be purified, and changes in the invisible worlds – the spiritual worlds – around you will appear in various ways. The Art of Divine Light can be performed to foods aiding in removing pesticides and other manmade toxic chemicals that harm the body.

The Art of Divine Light is given by God to realize the existence of God and the enlightenment of humanity. God wishes us to raise our hands to give and receive the divine light in order to bring about positive changes to as many people as possible all over the world.

Some Real Stories Reported From Our Members


Believing Su-God’s Light

I am the youngest child of three siblings, and I have been taking care of my mother who was suffering from high blood pressure for a long time. She refused medicine and medical treatment such as homeopathy, and she always stressed that medicine makes her...
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Road to the Light

Miracles by Divine Light

Su-God and Oshien­ushi-sama, thank you for allowing me to share my thanksgiving report on the day of the Joint Anniversary Ceremony of America Guidance Division and the 22nd Anniversary Ceremony of SMBK-USA. I was 8 years old when my dad decided to leave us. I...
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Healthy and Happy Elderly Couple

God Knows the Timing When One Should Serve Him

On November, 2008, I started having pain on my right side from my hip to my legs. At the time, I already knew about the SMBK because three of my sisters already took the Basic Seminar and became members. My husband and I sometimes received...
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Light Waves

Thank God for His Wonderful Arrangements!

Mioya-Moto-Su-Mahikari-Ohomikami-sama (Su God), Oshienushi-sama, thank you very.much for allowing me and my husband Dennis to participate in welcoming Oshienushi-sama in his first visit to current New York Center. In July 2010, we received an e-mail from our doshi (Ministers) that Oshienushi-sama will visit New York...
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children back sun light

Spreading God’s Love in a Children Day Care Centre

After coming back from 50th Grand Anniversary Festival, I received lots of work opportunities and I started work as a full­-time worker for a children day care centre. I truly believed that it was Su-God's arrangement for me to spread his love and share his...
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How Wonderful Divine Light Is!

On April 26th, I was in Naucalpan to participate in an Open House activity of The Art of Divine Light Practice. At the time, I felt uncomfortable for some reason, so I called my elder sister. She told me that she was very worried about...
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Breast Cancer Ribbon

I Received Many Protections From God While Having Breast Cancer

I had surgery for breast cancer on July 13th, 2004. Actually, I knew there was a small lump on my right breast, but it was diagnosed as being a minor mastopathy. So I thought there was no reason to seek treatment. However, it gradually got...
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Everyday Showing My Gratitude

I became a member in September 1995. I had many problems. I was involved with drugs, I was involved in an abusive relationship and both of my children were taken from me. I tried to get help but nothing I did seemed to help until...
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Struck by A Car

In 1990, my son was struck by a car on the way to school. He was thrown about 6 meters. He suffered massive fractures in the region between the pelvis and leg. While he was hospitalized, I gave him the art of divine light continuously...
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GOD’s Divine Power Saved My Son

My second sun was born in January 1977. But my happiness did not last long, as the doctor informed me that he was born with a hopeless heart deformity. During second month of pregnancy I started to bleed a little and hurried to the doctor...
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