Vancouver – Canada

Brighten Up Your Life!

Our Canada Center has been in Burnaby since 2008. Though the practitioners of our Center are comprised of people from different spiritual and cultural backgrounds, at the Center we are one big spiritual family. The atmosphere of the Center is always filled with peace and comfort. It is our pleasure to help you to begin your spiritual improvement!


Improve Yourself

By practicing the healing Art of Divine Light, you can be awakening your true self to a life of balance between your Spiritual, Mental, and Physical nature.


Help Others

Anyone can learn how to provide healing to others. It is a wonderful method to help improve and transform your life into a more healthy, happy and harmonious one.


Learn Universal Principles

We share the Divine Universal Principles which everyone can practice in daily life. Regardless of religious backgrounds or lack thereof, the principles work for EVERYONE to enhance their spirituality/connection to life.


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2800 Douglas Road, Unit E
Burnaby B.C. V5C 5B7

Service Hours

Tuesday through Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Monday Closed
*Service hours may vary. Please contact us about the schedule.