The Role of Oshienushi-sama

“Oshienushi” functions as the “Relay Station of God’s Light” and the “Trumpet of God’s Words.” In other words, Oshienushi-sama takes on the role of being our spiritual connection to God as he makes it possible for Kamikumites to communicate with the Creator.

We communicate with Su-God through the spiritual connections established by the Omitama, and the Goshintai. The Omitama is a divine pendant that allows for a person to radiate divine light. The Goshintai is a divine object that purifies large areas and provides a focus for prayer. Both are created by Oshienushi-sama himself and are connected to Su-God through Oshienushi-sama’s spiritual body.

Due to this connection, God’s Light goes through Oshienushi-sama’s spiritual body and into each Omitama and Goshintai. Likewise, when we pray to Su-God, due to the spiritual line of the Omitama or Goshintai, our prayers reach Him directly through Oshienushi-sama’s spiritual body.

Therefore, Oshienushi-sama holds such an indispensable and vital role for all Kamikumites, that only God decides who will ascend to the role of “Oshienushi” through Divine Revelation.

Kotama Okada

First Oshienushi (Divine Name: Seio)
Real Name: Yoshikazu Okada (1901 – 1974)

Born on February 27, 1901, in the Aoyama area of Tokyo’s Minato Ward. After graduating from Army Officer Training School in 1922, he was assigned to the First Guards Infantry Regiment, then later served as a drill instructor for new recruits, a company commander, and in other capacities before going to the front in French Indochina. In 1941, he suffered a relapse of caries in his spinal cord, which he had broken previously, so he returned to Japan for hospitalization. Although doctors told him he had only three years to live, his life of faith healed him completely. He subsequently put all his family assets into various businesses, but the total loss of his factory in a bombing-induced fire put him heavily into debt.

On February 27, 1959, the year he paid off the last of his debt, Kotama received his first revelation from God telling him to establish the organization:

“The time of heaven has come. Rise up. Your name shall be Kotama. Exercise the Art of Divine Light. The world is entering severe times.”

That August he established the L. H. Company of Sun Light Children, and in 1963 he established the Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan (The World Divine Light Organization). Kotama passed on to many people the “Mahikari-no-waza” (or “Tekazashi”; the Spiritual Art of Divine Light) and the “Teaching of the Universal Law, “which had been brought into the world by God.

Sakae Sekiguchi

Second Oshienushi (Divine Name: Seiho)
Real Name: Sakae Sekiguchi (1909 – 1994)

Born on March 3, 1909, in Tokyo’s Koto Ward. At age 13 he was working as an errand boy for a fertilizer wholesaler, and at 14 he was an office boy at an ice-making company. In 1935 he started a taxi company, and in early 1955 he set to work on a number of businesses – including a taxi service, air transport, a driving school, a credit union, and a gas business – as the Mitsuya Group (in 1979 he was presented with Zuiho-sho, the order which is given meritorious person for Japan as a businessman).

In 1959 he was a participant when the 1st Oshienushi Kotama Okada established the Organization, and after that time served the Oshienushi Kotama for many years in the posts of center chief, Guidance Department director, chairman of the Committee for Construction of Su-za World Main Shrine, and Sukyo Bureau director With the ascension of the first Oshienushi-sama on June 23, 1974, the Reverend Seiho become the second Oshienushi according to a divine decree.

The 2nd Oshienushi Seiho followed the wish of the late Oshienushi Kotama by working hard to build the Su-za World Main Shrine, and obtained 1,980,000 square meters of land in Amagi on the Izu Peninsula. Construction was finished on August 23, 1987.

Katsutoshi Sekiguchi

Third Oshienushi (Divine Name: Seisho)
Real Name: Katsutoshi Sekiguchi (1939 – )

Born on September 1, 1939, in the Mukojima area of Tokyo’s Sumida Ward as the first son of Sakae Sekiguchi. Graduated from the Economics Department of Keio University in 1962. Graduated from San Francisco State University in 1965. Assumed the position of Secretary-General in 1982, and dedicated himself to helping his father, the second Oshienushi-sama, build the Su-za Shrine. After the shrine’s construction, he performed official duties at the side of the second Oshienushi-sama by serving as chief director of Hishositsu and Koshitsu (Secretariat of Oshienushi-sama).

In 1990 he proposed a study abroad program as a platform for worldwide mission activities. This program has since sent students to other countries each year. In 1992 the Reverend Seisho became the dean of the Yoko Academy established by the Organization. In conjunction with the academy’s President of educational foundation status, he became director of Fuji Yoko Academy where, in addition to being directly involved with the student’s education, he works tirelessly on surveys of historical ruins in other countries in order to substantiate the Organizations’ doctrine. After the second Oshienushi-sama, the Reverend Seiho, ascends to Heaven on January 3, 1994 he became the third Oshienushi-sama by divine decree.

Three days after the 2nd Oshienushi Seiho ascension, he received a message from the Creator God, which gives him the holy name “Seisho” and assigns him the role of the third Oshienushi-sama.