Fate & Death

What Is Death?

The Physical Death is not the end of our life.

We, human beings are composed of Physical, Astral and Spiritual Body, and these three bodies are interrelated and interwoven. And the ‘Soul’, located 10 centimeter inside of the forehead, is the core that controls all these three bodies.

Our death in this Physical World means the separation of our Astral and Spiritual body from the Physical Body. And these two bodies stay alive in the afterworld.

We repeat the cycle of Birth and Death, and thus we live eternally. We cannot expect an instant improvement of our Nature. In the Afterworld, we live as we were in Physical World. That is to say, our ancestors stay alive in this very moment in the Afterworld.

Once we get to the Afterworld, we are supposed to engage in trainings to mainly get rid of our attachment to our Past Life. When we complete this training, we will get reborn in Physical World. This is so-called ‘Reincarnation’.

On the other hand, if we neglect our training or hold too much attachment to Physical World, we might be forced to materialize in Physical World with different appearance like animal. This is so-called ‘Transmigration’. We will need to continue living as a different being until we complete the training. Once the training is done, we get back our original human form.

God designed this ‘Reincarnation’ and ‘Transmigration’ system to train human soul so that they can eventually restore their original ability and character as God’s Children.