New York

New York to The World!

We settled temporarily in New Jersey, but are aiming to establish a Center where many members can gather and join forces to work for God with exhilaration.

Infusing Righteous Law

God wants us all to practice the “Righteous Law” in our daily life. Regardless of religious and sects, the Righteous Law works EVERYONE.

Feel Free to Contact Us!

Please leave a message if you have any questions about what we do, how we can work together, or even where to experience Mahikari-no-waza.
+1 (646) 883-3567

Accept & Respect Other Cultures

Various cultures co-exist in New York area. Cultural and racial diversities makes the area unimaginably unique, and so are we!

WDLO @ Washington Square Park

We radiated the divine light to many people at Washington Square Park in NYC.  Some felt 'heat' or 'lightness' while we were giving it, and among those, they felt much better mentally and even one person felt no more pain on his knee; he had been...
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Monthly Ceremony in October @ NYC

One of our members arranged flowers with sincerity. The art is the reflection of one's innermost mind.
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Communication Tour in New York

It was a warm day in December, New York where some members met and discussed our future plan. One of the member was from San Fransisco, CA. He only flew for this special event in order to set a positive mind to create the heavenly civilization together...
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+1 (646) 883-3567


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