Spiritual Volunteers

When we think about the present period in long term human history, we are now in a transitional period. We humans seriously need to change our way of life. For material exploitation, humans have lived in the “competitive principle” and have established today’s highly developed civilization. On the other hand, we have been destroying the environment and have driven ourselves into a corner, which could cause the downfall of mankind.

Now, in the 21st century, we should live in a civilization based upon the “cooperative principal” in which people respect each other, help each other, and forgive each other. We also should advance this world into a higher dimensional scientific civilization that makes it possible for us to live together with nature.

In order to accomplish this, we need to be aware of the “invisible world.” The phenomena happening in this physical world cannot be explained only by the knowledge of visible world only.

The purpose of SV is to cultivate the “seed people” who bear the new century in which divinized humans and nature can live together harmoniously. We, members of World Divine Light Organization, are doing spiritual volunteer activities in various parts of the world.

Our SV activities help people to convert from a self-centered way of living to an unconditionally loving. And, it can be done by the art of divine light, which purifies and mends the invisible nature, such as the spiritual particle or the wave motion.

For a long time, human beings have lived through their competitive principles, which were represented by wars, during the time period of “exploitation and development of material objects.” As the result of the competitive principle, the material civilization has enriched itself.

Now, we need the enrichment of the spiritual aspect and the way of living based on the cooperative principle, in which people consider love and help each other.