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Follow the call from the Universe

'What does God want me to do?' 'How can I join His plan?' These questions are the very keys when thinking of the direction that you might want to follow. Too many people in the world focus on only the visible aspects in their life, and be in a hustle...
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Fill up your force with Golden Color

I always illustrate the transformation of Sonen (innermost mind), with water in a cup. The water has no color initially, it is crystal clear. Suppose there are two colors of ink prepared next to the cup with water: Gold color and black color. The more drops of black ink you...
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The key is to tune in to the vibration from the universe

The Divine Teaching emphasizes the importance of practicing Divine Light in conjunction with making effort to change our Sonen. We use the analogy that both “are just like the wheels on both sides of a car.” We could also say they are like two sides of the same coin. It...
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Sonen is the real boss

When thinking of the definition of Sonen, I believe 'subconsciousness' is the closest. It is deep, and hidden. But much of what we see and experience from other’s is not always real. In movies, the actors and actresses performing often have to express different emotions, such as happiness or anger....
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Beautiful Presence

I used to go to summer festivals in Japan and wear a delicate and colorful Yukata that my grandmother made especially for me. A Yukata is a beautiful and informal summer Kimono (traditional Japanese garment). The Yukata brought the spirit of summer for me. It made me enjoy the real...
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I have one sister. As typical young children, we fought a lot. Kids cannot control their emotions, and the slightest thing can cause a quarrel between siblings. The reasons for sibling quarrels are mostly trivial, but happen all the time. I remember getting angry when we fought, but I don't...
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Maintaining Real Health

"The world is going to get hotter." "People will be dancing the Jitterbug on the frying pan." The statement above is a climate prophecy spoken by First Oshienushi-sama from sixty years ago. According to the news yesterday, some areas in Japan saw temperatures rise above 104 Fahrenheit. Sure, that’s not...
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Power of Prayer

With two cups of green tea at 5am in the morning, my grandmother’s day started. She offered one of the cups to our family ancestors and the other one was for herself. As a faithful Buddhist, she offered gratitude to ancestors every morning and night no matter how busy she...
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Work to fulfill the
renaissance of religion

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