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A common purpose in life

To become a practitioner of Divine Light at World Divine Light, it is necessary to take a Divine Light Basic Seminar course. One of the topics you will learn on the first day of this seminar is "rebirth". It teaches that even though the body will perish one day, the...
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Minimalism and Spirituality

Minimalism and Spirituality Have you ever heard the word “Minimalism”?  Minimalism lifestyle has been calling much attention lately as a practice of awareness and intention regarding your belongings, time, and energy. I would like to share my thoughts about this way of life and mindset, and how Minimalism can be...
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Transform Yourself to be the Person of Giving

In the Goseigen, the following is a prediction of the coming age: "The ‘haves’ who are elevated in the realm of the soul and spiritual body will be given more than before." I think what the Goseigen teaches us is already happening. The visible world is a secondary realm, while...
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Your words affect your brain?

Every time you say goodbye to a family member and “Have a nice day!” the invisible power of your words help protect them from accidents, injuries, and disasters. So, you can influence other people with the power of your words. In the past, I was asked by two people about...
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Keep Your Vision High in Spirit

Whether you are a person who achieved your dreams or someone who gave up, you can transform yourself into someone who is satisfied with your decisions. When I was a high school student, I belonged to the famous track and field club, which sends many athletes to national competitions. Many...
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The Divine Light practice is the way to tune in to God’s frequency

Last week, I conveyed about the importance of attitude to tune in to God's frequency. Our Divine Light practice is meant to get in tune with the frequency of God. We also approach this concept from a scientific perspective in the Divine Light Basic seminar. When looking from the visible...
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Seeing your hidden blessings

Before the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, 2020, I didn't feel any inconvenience in living a normal life every day. However, now that self-quarantine has begun, most of us are unable to go out or work as much as we could do before. I...
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Establishing indestructible happiness

If happiness could be measured, one thing is known for me: It's always "now" that my happiness is at its highest level. I laugh with my family, spend most of the time for what I love to do, and work with great people every single day. In the evening, I...
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Work to fulfill the
renaissance of religion

Thank you for visiting our site. You are most welcome to join our activities and help others spiritually. There must be a reason you're here; let's make and leave a better world to the next generations. "Many examination by God are awaiting you in your future. Accept those willingly and your soul and spirit will start illuminating brilliantly as immovable one. (Divine Song - P164 Verse 4)"

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