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Another chance is join great harmonization again

The 61st Grand Anniversary will take place on Aug 1st Sat in the US time. Here are the date and time that you can join in the harmonization. August 1st Sat (August 2nd Sun in Japan) URL: EST: 9 pm - CST: 8 pm - PST: 6 pm -...
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Prepare to Inhabit the Divine Light Civilization

Every aspect of society is greatly affected by COVID-19 now. From here, the world economy is expected to take a significant downturn, and the recession will continue. There is no doubt that the unemployment rate will increase further, and we will enter a more challenging period in the future. However,...
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The Divine Light has changed my life

I am sensitive to air pressure and suffer from headaches frequently.  I dread rainy days because of the intense pain caused by the low air pressure. It’s Mother Nature, and I can’t change the weather.  However, after becoming a Divine Light Practitioner, I make sure to receive Divine Light to...
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Excuses are your Enemy

When people face something inconvenient, most people try to look for some excuses like; “I’m old” “I’m so weak” “I don’t have knowledge enough” and so on. Moreover, some of them say, “It’s none of my business!” in order to try to dodge responsibilities. They might spend the whole weekend...
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Observe without Bias

How many times have you been disappointed about things or with somebody today? Unfortunately, I have been depressed from disappointments many times.  “Why should I experience hardships?”  “I want to be recognized for my efforts and skills.”  “I am talented, but my inferior work colleagues make it impossible to finish...
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Knowing Contentment

There is nothing in the world that should be taken for granted. How much have you been conscious of it and thankful? When everything goes well, many people are full of complaints and dissatisfaction.  “Hey, I don’t want to eat this! Give me the more delicious one!”  “My paycheck is...
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The key is to rejuvenate your main soul

I conveyed about human desire last week, saying; 'Human desire is the creation of God for the purpose of human progress.' 'You can put out a great deal of healthy desire.' 'However, evil desire needs to be firmly under control.' Healthy desire and evil desire are just like two sides...
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Become better you without being manipulated by evil desire

Last week I wrote about the duality of human desire, and said, 'There are two types of desire: healthy desire and evil desire'. 'We all have these two desires, and they are impossible to extinguish.' There are two sides to everything, and desires have these two different aspects as well....
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Work to fulfill the
renaissance of religion

Thank you for visiting our site. You are most welcome to join our activities and help others spiritually. There must be a reason you're here; let's make and leave a better world to the next generations. "Many examination by God are awaiting you in your future. Accept those willingly and your soul and spirit will start illuminating brilliantly as immovable one. (Divine Song - P164 Verse 4)"

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