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Thank you for visiting our site. You are most welcome to join our activities and help others spiritually. There must be a reason you're here; let's make and leave a better world to the next generations. "Many examination by God are awaiting you in your future. Accept those willingly and your soul and spirit will start illuminating brilliantly as immovable one. (Divine Song - P164 Verse 4)"

Upcoming events

  • 13 Sep 2017

    29th the Joint Anniversary Ceremony

    World Divine Light Organization 29th the Joint Anniversary Ceremony of United States – Canada Guidance Division & Latin America Guidance Division will be held on 10/22/2017 at California Spiritual Center. RSVP: (714) 352 – 4123

  • 2 Jan 2017

    Spiritual Conference at Sacramento Center

    January 21st and 22nd, our director, Kenji Furue is going to have a Spiritual Conference at Sacramento Center. He will guide and solve your life issue, family issue, health issue. You will understand every issue is coming from Spiritual reasons. He comes to see us once in a year. We look forward to seeing you […]

  • 1 Dec 2016


    OHOHARAHI CEREMONY will be held on 12/4 at 10:30AM, World Main Shrine – Su-Za, in Japan.

  • 26 Sep 2016

    28th Anniversary Ceremony of World Divine Light Organization

    We cordially invite you, your family and friends to attend our 28th year celebration of World of Divine Light’s ministry in the United States. Your presence would be…

  • 22 Sep 2016

    October 2016 – The Commencement Ceremony

    At main shrine, Su-Za in Japan, the Commencement Ceremony for October 2016 will be held. Hope you will have the harmonization at…

We Need Your Hands to Carry out Our Mission!

It's our important duty to revive all major five religions to the ones that can save people and let them follow the righteous path. We can do it by performing the Divine Light and teaching righteous law, so we literally need hands, more hands - your hands - to accelerate our work to make it happen soon.

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