Most people expect a visible benefit in return when rendering their work to something.

There is nothing wrong with expecting the return; instead, it is essential to receive the return in the form of money, especially when it comes to living.

No one is willing to work for a company with no wage.

Volunteering in the community and earning money for a living are entirely different, and people would indeed expect a specific wage when working for a living.

‘The time and energy that I spent must be compensated.’

‘I can’t work if no compensation is granted.’

These ideas are quite natural, and it is common sense for anyone to receive compensation for their work.

However, it is also true that your work that is not compensated in the visible form will be stored in the spiritual realm.

The more a person dedicates themselves to something voluntarily without expecting compensation, the more virtue is gained in the spiritual realm.

That invisible virtue will come back to you in the positive form at the right time, as you deserve it.

Conversely, if you put something in your pocket, although you don’t deserve it–watch out!

Those visible form that you acquired will be taken from you in some way when the time comes.

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Years ago, a friend of mine lost about $5,000 in his business.

It is pitiful that he lost a lot of money after rendering the service to his client.

However, he said he didn’t mind it, and it was meant to happen; I asked what he meant.

He explained how he once had a client who paid him $5,000 despite providing poor service. My friend kept the money, rather than give a discount. He knew that his poor job didn’t deserve $5,000.

The time to off-set the excess of his earning has come, and the loss of $5,000 made sense to him after all.

His story tells me that everything is equal in the spiritual realm, and things or money you didn’t earn honestly, will be taken.

In other words, you will receive what you deserve, even if you don’t receive it in the form at the moment.

The virtue that you store in heaven will never miss getting you to obtain abundant happiness.

Stay tuned.