Month: November 2020

The ultimate motive behind life

It’s normal and healthy for kids, especially boys, to compete with their peers, and I often see my two sons compete with each other.

I assume that kids are driven by the desire of status and recognition.

Soon, kids will be surrounded by competition in schools whether they like it or not, and many types of competitions in schools can continue for years. (Until college if they choose to go)

If you make a mistake in class, you will be embarrassed by the wrong answer, as if making a mistake is not allowed.

 Many kids will be turned off after a series of “defeats” and in the worst case could see themselves as losers.

I believe that Divine Light practice and spiritual knowledge are both critical, especially for the young generation.

Yes, reading, writing, and math are essential for young kids to learn.

However, learning spiritual principles and absorbing the Divine Light are more important for cultivating a pure soul and spirit.

I believe spiritual education will be much more in common in the future; however, until that time comes, it is our responsibility to teach our children the spiritual principles.

After knowing the spiritual principle and practicing Divine Light, the competitive mind is way different, and the difference comes from the motivation cultivated by education.

The education based on the spiritual principle gives you the idea of who you are and what you are supposed to achieve in life.

Going through life without spiritual nourishment is just like walking in darkness

The competitive mind without knowing the spiritual principle can lead you to negative motivation, and you may be tempted to drag someone down from where they are.

man running towards the city on green grass field during golden time

That unhealthy competition can negatively affect your soul and spirit, which you’ll have to atone for someday.

On the contrary, the competition after deeply understanding the spiritual principle is quite different. Those types of real competition will push you up to a higher level in the spiritual realm.

Then, with who you should compete, as the matured soul?

The enemy is not others, but you.

What is the motivation for those whose spiritual level is high?

Their motivation is to make others happy that they would feel after rendering the service to neighbors.

Stay tuned.

Competition as the motive power

Healthy competition is a motive power to develop the material-oriented world for sure.

The Divine Plan that we talk about in the basic seminar clearly reveals humankind’s history and how we have been doing thus far.

The blue-colored age in the diagram of Divine Plan shows the age of material development. Obviously, people in those ages had no choice but to compete with each other. But in modern times, the power of competition has brought about a certain result of innovation, renovation, and further development in human progress.

If you use iPhone, everyone knows the device came after number of innovative ideas by Steve Jobs, and most of us know that he had a highly competitive personality.

It is true where Apple is today started his competitive mind. Jobs was even forced out of Apple once by CEO John Sculley back then after Sculley saw that Jobs’ strategy could even ruin the company.

Later, Steve Jobs returned to Apple, and the company keeps moving on today, after his death.

Macintosh Personal Computer


iOS Operating System



Apple Watch …

No doubt that these innovations changed everything about how we work, shop, communicate, in the material world. (though my devices are fully equipped with Android)

This is how human history has progressed so far, and healthy competition was essential.

However, the competitive mindset can also cause the side-effect: degrading your soul and spirit level.

red and brown leaves on white surface

Remember how your soul and spirit are guided by the condition of your Sonen (the innermost mind).

Do not allow yourself to be trapped by the negative energy, such as anger, grudge, hatred, after rendering the competitive mind against others.

Those two, realizing the healthy competition and releasing the negative energy against others, are totally different stories. If you keep emitting negative energy to others, know that would be the energy that people can receive back within.

We will dig deeper into the subject of competition.

Stay tuned.

Equality beyond the boundary between the visible and the invisible world

Most people expect a visible benefit in return when rendering their work to something.

There is nothing wrong with expecting the return; instead, it is essential to receive the return in the form of money, especially when it comes to living.

No one is willing to work for a company with no wage.

Volunteering in the community and earning money for a living are entirely different, and people would indeed expect a specific wage when working for a living.

‘The time and energy that I spent must be compensated.’

‘I can’t work if no compensation is granted.’

These ideas are quite natural, and it is common sense for anyone to receive compensation for their work.

However, it is also true that your work that is not compensated in the visible form will be stored in the spiritual realm.

The more a person dedicates themselves to something voluntarily without expecting compensation, the more virtue is gained in the spiritual realm.

That invisible virtue will come back to you in the positive form at the right time, as you deserve it.

Conversely, if you put something in your pocket, although you don’t deserve it–watch out!

Those visible form that you acquired will be taken from you in some way when the time comes.

four assorted-color umbrellas hanged on cable under cloudy sky

Years ago, a friend of mine lost about $5,000 in his business.

It is pitiful that he lost a lot of money after rendering the service to his client.

However, he said he didn’t mind it, and it was meant to happen; I asked what he meant.

He explained how he once had a client who paid him $5,000 despite providing poor service. My friend kept the money, rather than give a discount. He knew that his poor job didn’t deserve $5,000.

The time to off-set the excess of his earning has come, and the loss of $5,000 made sense to him after all.

His story tells me that everything is equal in the spiritual realm, and things or money you didn’t earn honestly, will be taken.

In other words, you will receive what you deserve, even if you don’t receive it in the form at the moment.

The virtue that you store in heaven will never miss getting you to obtain abundant happiness.

Stay tuned.

Selfishness won’t last

Alexander the Great was a king of the ancient Greek kingdom, who succeeded his father to the throne and inherited a strong kingdom and an experienced army.

Alexander began his reign by eliminating potential rivals to the throne and established a solid foundation for invading other countries in Europe.

He never lost a war throughout his conquests.

Alexander had spread his authority throughout Europe and firmly established his empire.

Regardless of whether his actions were ‘good’ or ‘bad’, I assume Alexander’s fundamental idea of invading other countries was not to give something, but to take something for himself.

Yes, he acquired huge territory, and his authority surpassed many European countries.

The empire that Alexander the Great established may have seemed to last long.

However, the truth is that Alexander’s empire was divided by his successors immediately after his death.

This splitting up implies that achievement predicated on domination and taking from others, won’t last.

Interestingly, there are no authorities or countries that were accomplished by one man that lasted after his death in history.

In other words, the dictatorship won’t last beyond generations.

Conversely, the action to give others can be accepted beyond race, nationality, and those ideas to take care of others can be delivered to others, and last through the generation of generations.

A great example is the accomplishment of Jesus Christ.

History remarks that Jesus’s activity of conveying the teaching of love to others was just three years.

That is even an enigma of how possibly the three-year evangelism has spread out throughout the world for the last two thousand years.

No doubt that Jesus Christ had no ego at all, and his love and compassion deeply sank into the hearts of those who listened to him.

selective focus photography of orange petaled flower

Last week, I noted that giving to others can match the universe’s vibration, as the nature in the universe is the nature of giving itself.

It is no wonder that we can say ‘giving can bring about the lasting happiness’ when knowing the fundamental principle of the universe to give.

The universe was born about 13.7 billion years ago and will last forever after we are gone someday.

After all, nurturing you to be the person of giving is not a bad idea.

Stay tuned.