Month: August 2008

Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful father’s day gift!!

I have a 1994 Lumina mini van with over 205,000 miles and recently it has started to have a lot mechanical problems and has started to cost me a lot of money for repairs. On 5/25, I received a call from my oldest daughter, Tina, and she asked me if I was going to be home. I told her that I would and a couple of hours later she came to my house. As she walked in she handed me as small gorilla beanie baby with a set of car keys in its hand. I saw that the keys said Toyota on them and I knew that Tina was thinking about buying a new car so I thought that she had done that and was giving me her 2003 Toyota Corolla. I asked her what this is and she told me it was an early Father’s Day present. She said to come outside and see it. As I walked outside, sitting in my driveway was a beautiful Toyota Sienna. I became teary eyed because of such a wonderful gift. I always knew that I had such wonderful kids but I never expected something like this. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful divine arrangement.

– James Wachs