Month: July 2020

Shift mindset from Competition to Cooperation

The COVID pandemic has impacted the world since the beginning of this year.

Many people stay home longer than before in order to prevent infection, and most of them have opportunities to look back and reflect on their past deeds and circumstances.

The ongoing effects by COVID have surpassed expectations, as most people believed it would have ended by now.

In the beginning, many people expected COVID to pass quickly and things would go back to normal. As time goes by, we realize that our way of life has changed and we are very cautious about spreading the infection.

Since the virus is invisible, everyone has prioritized safety for individuals, and others.

Currently, we always obtain to keep distances with others more than before ever; therefore, common sense and general knowledge were completely overturned.

Before the outbreak of COVID, I think it was easy to be more focused on individual success and achievement in various fields.

But in the current situation, we have to work together more.

Since we maintain physical distance, we’ve had to rely more on communication than ever before.

Despite thinking trivial matters, people are striving to support and help each other.

Through this more people are able to exchange ideas and opinions.

Interestingly, great changes happened in me before knowing it. Even cases that were once tough for me to maintain peace of mind, became much easier for me to handle, and I was able to remain calm to listen others opinions and I could express mine.

In the past, I was strongly opinionated; nevertheless, I now try to choose words carefully considering other’s situation in order to boost their motivation and morale.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, my though and mindset have shifted from competition to cooperation.

In the society, more positive effects happened after people shifted their mindset from competition to cooperation.

According to the news, over 60% of people in Japan who responded to a poll regarding COVID stay home order said it afforded them opportunities to pray for ancestors who already departed to another world and to talk to them. Besides, awareness about invisible aspects has tended to grow since they stay home longer than before.

Although most people placed emphasis on reliable evidence and proof before epidemic of infection, they shifted to focus on the bonds of family members, friends, fellow workers and so on while the COVID made it necessary for human to avoid contact in person.

people holding shoulders sitting on wall

I felt many people want be satisfied spiritually more than material comforts.

Divine Teaching says that God has a great plan and purpose for creating mankind. Since this physical world has been developing following His plan, I guess various problems these days are probably fundamental to advance the Divine Plan.

Even though the situation around the world is tough, I look forward to seeing what God prepares next for mankind.

The more I think what kind of situation I will be able to contribute for the sake of God and others, the more I am excited for it.

Another chance is join great harmonization again

The 61st Grand Anniversary will take place on Aug 1st Sat in the US time.

Here are the date and time that you can join in the harmonization.

August 1st Sat (August 2nd Sun in Japan)


EST: 9 pm –

CST: 8 pm –

PST: 6 pm –

Last year’s 60th Anniversary Grand Festival was a great festival that marked the end of the dawn of the Order’s history.

We, Worl Divine Light, has laid the foundation through the three generations of Oshienushi-sama last sixty years.

Everything in the universe is influenced by the Meguri (Rotation) Principle.

The earth has four seasons by revolving around the sun.

The current of the ocean goes around the world.

The economy of the world also circulates, and the business cycle occurs.

Those patterns are all influenced by the spiritual principle of Meguri, one of the laws of the universe.

There is a cycle in the process of things, and 60 years is a round of Meguri.

For World Divine Light, a new era will start with these 60 years as a round of Meguri.

World Divine Light celebrated 60 years since its founding last year, and the dawning period, which is the building of the foundation, has ended.

With the expansion of teachings and Divine Light practices, the achievements that have done by World Divine Light through three generations of Oshienushi-sama are:

1. Sharing Divine Teachings and Divine Light with humanity

2. Establishment of Su-za, World Main Shrine

3. Laying the groundwork for worldwide expansion

And now, as we celebrate the 61st anniversary of our founding, World Divine Light is entering a new 60-year period of ‘development.’

World Divine Light will significantly expand the worldwide expansion, to spread the divine teachings and the Divine Light throughout the world, based on the foundations that we have built up over the past sixty years.

And kamikumites from around the world will be participating in the 61st Grand Anniversary prayer this weekend.

You, too, can join in this prayer meeting from your location online at the above time.

When the prayers of kamikumites from all over the world are united, the unheard sound of the high spiritual waves will shake the spiritual world.

The high harmonics that resonate with each other and become powerful are then transmitted to God, and He will return his high waves in response to our truthfulness.

At the same time, this prayer will also spread throughout the world as we pray for the further expansion of World Divine Light.

brown-leafed tree near body of water

Let’s us help the progress of God’s Divine Plan for the Kingdom of God by participating in this prayer.

Please do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this weekend’s great concurrence.

Here are the URL, date, and time again.

61st Grand Anniversary Harmonization

August 1st Sat (August 2nd Sun in Japan)


EST: 9 pm –

CST: 8 pm –

PST: 6 pm –

Enjoy life more, and stay tuned …

Prepare to Inhabit the Divine Light Civilization

Every aspect of society is greatly affected by COVID-19 now.

From here, the world economy is expected to take a significant downturn, and the recession will continue.

There is no doubt that the unemployment rate will increase further, and we will enter a more challenging period in the future.

However, there is always light beyond the darkness.

All tunnels have an exit.

If you look back on the history of humanity, it is clear that civilization has always made great strides in the aftermath of a pandemic.

Pain creates progress: this is a truth that has never changed.

When you go to the gym to work out, you will experience physical pain.

Every muscle in your arms, every muscle in your abdomen, every muscle in your legs is loaded.

But that load on your body makes your body healthy and your mind sharp.

There have been many painful periods in human history.

Past pandemics in various parts of the world are one such a painful period.

One of the biggest pandemics in the past occurred in 14th Century Europe.

The Plague was infamously nicknamed the “Black Death”, which resulted in more than 50 million deaths.

It was another time of great suffering, but it led to considerable positive changes in Europe, such as the Renaissance.

The Renaissance was a period in European history, marking the transition from the Middle Ages to Modernity and covering the 15th and 16th centuries.

The pandemic that preceded it in Europe caused a great deal of suffering, but the subsequent significant progressive change appeared in Europe.

There always comes progressive evolution after suffering.

And the suffering caused by COVID-19 also signals the new era is coming.

What is that new era?

It is the coming of the spiritual-oriented civilization.

We call it the “Divine Light civilization”.

Human science and technology have been advancing rapidly, especially in recent years.

We have entered the digital age of information technology, and advancements in Artificial Intelligence are astounding.

Human science will begin to reveal more of the secrets of the unseen world from now.

We will discover that the physical world we experience is heavily influenced by an invisible world.

The suffering brought about by the COVID-19 this time around will be remembered as the turning point in human history toward the spiritual oriented world.

Now is the time when we must prepare ourselves to be worthy inhabitants of that Divine Light civilization.

green grass with ray of sunlight

That is the practice of Divine Light, and we need to increase our spirituality by receiving God’s Light to prepare for the coming spiritual civilization.

Going to the gym will train your mind and body.

In the same way, your soul will continue to get stronger and healthier if you continue to practice Divine Light.

I highly encourage you to keep practicing the Divine Light as your daily routine, especially in this challenging time.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned…

The Divine Light has changed my life

I am sensitive to air pressure and suffer from headaches frequently.  I dread rainy days because of the intense pain caused by the low air pressure. It’s Mother Nature, and I can’t change the weather.  However, after becoming a Divine Light Practitioner, I make sure to receive Divine Light to the points effective for treating headaches. This makes a tremendous difference. 

For me, the art of Divine Light is the gift to humanity to purify the souls, reform our thoughts and cleanse the body of toxic substances.  In the universe, God’s Will, Love, Wisdom, and Life Force are overflowing.  The Divine Light is concentrated energy of these vibrations from the universe.  Divine Light is God’s energy, which is the origin of the universe. After a session of Divine Light purification, many people express a feeling of relaxed, refreshed, or warmth (these feeling are different from individuals). 

Regardless of age, gender, or religious background, I have seen positive changes occur to many people after they received Divine Light.

One lady decided to attend the Basic Practitioner Seminar.  Before the seminar, her husband came with her to the center saying, “I want to check the place where my wife is visiting.”  He was suffering from chronic knee pain for three years and had a hard time bending his knee.   As he could not speak English, we tried to communicate with gestures, and simple English.  We gave a full session of the Divine Light including to his knee.  After the session, he had a big smile!  Just one session of Divine Light solved his physical weak point.  After a few months, he came to the center again and he told me that pain never came back to his knee.  I have learned that the verbal communication is not the priority in performing Divine Light.

In London, I met a lady who was a Muslim.  She suffered from insomnia for fifteen years, and took medication daily.  She initially doubted about the Divine Light, but she opened her mind to try the first session.  After the session completed, she felt deeply energized and warm.  Because she felt good, she tried to find more chances to receive Divine Light.  Then she had a session with a practitioner who focused giving her light energy to the spots on the back of her head and neck, which are good for treating insomnia.  The next morning, she phoned me saying, “This is the first time in years that I slept without taking pills She was very much delighted with this miracle.  This gave me a big conviction that Divine Light can be accepted by everyone regardless of religious background. 

There are unavoidable toxic substances in our daily necessities such as water, food and air.  These toxins will be carried inside of our body as the flow of blood and water.  The toxins will get stuck and accumulate inside of the body.  The melting of these toxins appear as the symptoms of pain and fever.  We are taught that this is positive sign that toxins are melting and that is the recommended moment to receive Divine Light.   It will help to accelerate a melting process. Then, the melted toxin will be carried into the excretory organs to be discharged from the body.  After this spiritual purification (spiritual detoxication), the improvement of the health can be foreseen.   This is the process you could expect after the Divine Light session.  Please note that the feeling and outcomes after receiving Divine Light differ according to the individual.

In addition, Divine Light can be performed for animals, machines, plants, environment, and even for important documents.  In short, Divine Light is effective for almost anything. 

Let me tell you one of my experiences.

I visited the house of the lady in London (who I’ve mentioned above), to give Divine Light to her whole house.  As she was having sleeping issues, I focused on giving Divine Light to her bedroom.  The next day, when I met her, she told me a very interesting improvement which happened to her house. 

She always felt her bedroom was cold (she was not talking about the temperature but sensation) and something was missing.  Though her home was new and clean, but she did not feel comfortable somehow. On the night I performed Divine Light in her house, she felt warmth and calmness in her bedroom for the first time.  Lying on her bed, she felt as if she was being held in the mother’s arms. 

woman holding red petaled flowers

The next morning, she realized that her stuffs in her living room came to be fixed.  A few weeks before my visit, her roommate accidentally broke the Moroccan dish ware, which was her favorite display.  The following days her roommate bought a special glue and finally fixed the beautiful piece.  Then a company repaired some faulty appliance in the kitchen.  Plus, she wanted to change the position of the furniture for long time and her friends visited her house unexpectedly and they helped her to move it to the right place. These changes happened in just 24 hours after Divine Light session in her house.  She was very happy that her environment was quickly improved.   She thanked me for bringing series of positive change in her health and her house. 

I have been a Divine Light performer for 20 years.  During this period, I have seen so many happy faces after the session.  Divine Light brings joyful surprises.  Sharing Divine Light with people around me becomes my passion.  The art of Divine Light will help me to stay strong and happy.  I would like to share this gift from heaven with as many people as possible as the first step to create the society, which can be full of smiles.

Excuses are your Enemy

When people face something inconvenient, most people try to look for some excuses like; “I’m old” “I’m so weak” “I don’t have knowledge enough” and so on.

Moreover, some of them say, “It’s none of my business!” in order to try to dodge responsibilities.

They might spend the whole weekend agonizing over that.

Besides, many people including me prefer ease and comfort.

Whether at school or work, I only did the minimum necessary; therefore, I always acted prioritizing my own convenience.

Looking back on those days, I regret wasting so much time.

Of course, we need some rest. The most important thing is what you will do after that.

In my experience, I wasn’t motivated to do anything.

I’m sure your challenges are greater than mine, but please ask yourself, “Am I taking care of all the important things?”

One sure way to kill any enthusiasm is to make “excuses”.

God always puts various challenges in front of us to overcome for our improvement.  

Believe in the power and courage from the invisible world, and show enthusiasm for study and work.

Committing yourself to everything thoroughly will completely change you.

By challenging yourself, it might take a while; however, your efforts to overcome them will positively affect many people around you.

The people who are touched by your deeds will gradually encourage and support you; furthermore, cheering from many people will manifest great power in order to shift or change your circumstances in a positive way.

Effort become your friend, but excuses become your enemy. In other words, making excuses will be like a curse preventing you from growing and improving.

While you are facing challenges without self-limitation, you will be blessed with infinite possibilities.

white and gray analog clock

The Diving Teachings say that when you commit and strive towards whatever is in front of you, God and your ancestors will guide and support you from the spiritual world. As a result, you can sometimes reap the benefit of efforts more than you expect.

If you want to escape from reality using excuses, please ask yourself “Do I want to stay where I am or do I want to go somewhere better?”

Why don’t you fulfill your potential by receiving tremendous power from not only the people around you but also the invisible aspects instead of using excuses?

In our Divine Light Center, you can absorb more information aiming at becoming the LIGHT through practicing the Divine Teachings and the Art of Divine Light in your daily life.

Would you like to join us for spiritual journey together?