The 61st Grand Anniversary will take place on Aug 1st Sat in the US time.

Here are the date and time that you can join in the harmonization.

August 1st Sat (August 2nd Sun in Japan)


EST: 9 pm –

CST: 8 pm –

PST: 6 pm –

Last year’s 60th Anniversary Grand Festival was a great festival that marked the end of the dawn of the Order’s history.

We, Worl Divine Light, has laid the foundation through the three generations of Oshienushi-sama last sixty years.

Everything in the universe is influenced by the Meguri (Rotation) Principle.

The earth has four seasons by revolving around the sun.

The current of the ocean goes around the world.

The economy of the world also circulates, and the business cycle occurs.

Those patterns are all influenced by the spiritual principle of Meguri, one of the laws of the universe.

There is a cycle in the process of things, and 60 years is a round of Meguri.

For World Divine Light, a new era will start with these 60 years as a round of Meguri.

World Divine Light celebrated 60 years since its founding last year, and the dawning period, which is the building of the foundation, has ended.

With the expansion of teachings and Divine Light practices, the achievements that have done by World Divine Light through three generations of Oshienushi-sama are:

1. Sharing Divine Teachings and Divine Light with humanity

2. Establishment of Su-za, World Main Shrine

3. Laying the groundwork for worldwide expansion

And now, as we celebrate the 61st anniversary of our founding, World Divine Light is entering a new 60-year period of ‘development.’

World Divine Light will significantly expand the worldwide expansion, to spread the divine teachings and the Divine Light throughout the world, based on the foundations that we have built up over the past sixty years.

And kamikumites from around the world will be participating in the 61st Grand Anniversary prayer this weekend.

You, too, can join in this prayer meeting from your location online at the above time.

When the prayers of kamikumites from all over the world are united, the unheard sound of the high spiritual waves will shake the spiritual world.

The high harmonics that resonate with each other and become powerful are then transmitted to God, and He will return his high waves in response to our truthfulness.

At the same time, this prayer will also spread throughout the world as we pray for the further expansion of World Divine Light.

brown-leafed tree near body of water

Let’s us help the progress of God’s Divine Plan for the Kingdom of God by participating in this prayer.

Please do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this weekend’s great concurrence.

Here are the URL, date, and time again.

61st Grand Anniversary Harmonization

August 1st Sat (August 2nd Sun in Japan)


EST: 9 pm –

CST: 8 pm –

PST: 6 pm –

Enjoy life more, and stay tuned …