Month: April 2020

Life changing encounters

A life changing encounter with a remarkable person occurs not just to special people, but to anyone. Yes, you can have a chance to meet someone who will have much influence in your life and inspire you to fulfil your dreams.  

It is especially true when you dedicate yourself to achieving your dreams.  Often you would have an unexpected encounter, which will lead you to a new world where your hidden potentials will be revealed and blossom.

In my case, it was my high school English teacher who helped me to start my life path.  In class, she praised my language talent.  Being encouraged by her compliments, I started putting more efforts into studying English though it was never my strongest subject.  As a result, my English grades went up significantly.

I then began having a dream of studying abroad though I knew it was unrealistic due to the high cost.  However, one day, my grandfather, who was not supposed to know anything about my dreams, offered support for my English studies in America!   It was unbelievable! Thanks to his help, I was able to gain many valuable experiences during my stay in America.

 From that time till now, I have ended up learning three foreign languages, including English.  My dream in high school became true and has grown much clearer in a vision to use these skills to help people in the world for their spiritual growth.

The second life changing encounter was with my spiritual mentor, who had guided me with much love in my life as a Divine Light minister. She always gave me encouragement and advice in challenging times during my missionary work in foreign countries.

At every turning point in my life, there was always such special person, who guided me to open the door to a new world. 

man sitting on rock formation

Through such wonderful encounters, I have realized the importance of people with unconditional love close to me at the right time in my life.

If you hang around good people, you will become like them.  On the other hand, if you hang around with bad people, you will also become like them. It is so critical who you hang out with in your life. 

If you want to improve yourself, it is desirable for you to be in company with respectable people of high character. 

Although at first you might feel uncomfortable being around such people, you will gradually blend in with their world and ideas and eventually elevate yourself to their level. 

As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together” you are attracting people who are at the same level as you are. So the people around you at this moment are not there by accident but because you attracted them.

If you continue making efforts to polish and push yourself toward your goal, you will find yourself meeting people who will turn your life to a better way.   

Believe in yourself and God’s given talents

You have at least one thing you love to do or that you are destined to do. 

My friend has been working for a TV broadcasting station for over thirty years and has engaged in various type of works to convey messages through audiovisual language. 

When he is engaged in his work, it doesn’t matter to him whether it is early morning or late at night.  He would be devoted to his work so much that he sometimes forgets to eat.  However, he works hard not because he is obligated to do so but because he loves to do it. 

We were all born with a destiny that was given by God.  It is a mission that God expects you to fulfil  while you are on earth. 

When you fulfil your utmost potential, and share it with other people, you would experience the ultimate joy that comes from your soul.  The more people you share with, the more joy you will experience, which will elevate your destiny.

green bow tie on table

In other words, the ideal version of yourself already exists now and it will grow in the future. That is talent implanted by God in your soul most of us do not realize that and we wonder what should I dedicate my life to, to accomplish happiness. Perhaps this is why you are not attracted to anything else right now.  Anyway, there must be something that you really love to do or you are destined to do in your life. Those talents are already within you.

The soulful joy resides in a totally different dimension from the worldly and transient kind of joy that you typically get from eating, sleeping or playing.  It is the bliss that arouses from the deep bottom of your heart.

Unfortunately, many people are not doing what they really love to do.  Sometimes we give up before we even try and blame others for our unhappiness.  Then we look for excuses, saying I am no longer young or talented.

There is no short cut to realize your destiny.  For some, it could take a long time or even a whole life of suffering.  For some, it might just come out of the blue. 

It is totally up to you whether you grab a chance or miss it.   What you picture in your mind will materialize, even though it might take a long time.  All of us are in a position where we can realize our dreams if we choose to do so.  God would not ask you to do anything beyond your abilities.  It all depends on you believing in yourself and God’s given talents.