It’s normal and healthy for kids, especially boys, to compete with their peers, and I often see my two sons compete with each other.

I assume that kids are driven by the desire of status and recognition.

Soon, kids will be surrounded by competition in schools whether they like it or not, and many types of competitions in schools can continue for years. (Until college if they choose to go)

If you make a mistake in class, you will be embarrassed by the wrong answer, as if making a mistake is not allowed.

 Many kids will be turned off after a series of “defeats” and in the worst case could see themselves as losers.

I believe that Divine Light practice and spiritual knowledge are both critical, especially for the young generation.

Yes, reading, writing, and math are essential for young kids to learn.

However, learning spiritual principles and absorbing the Divine Light are more important for cultivating a pure soul and spirit.

I believe spiritual education will be much more in common in the future; however, until that time comes, it is our responsibility to teach our children the spiritual principles.

After knowing the spiritual principle and practicing Divine Light, the competitive mind is way different, and the difference comes from the motivation cultivated by education.

The education based on the spiritual principle gives you the idea of who you are and what you are supposed to achieve in life.

Going through life without spiritual nourishment is just like walking in darkness

The competitive mind without knowing the spiritual principle can lead you to negative motivation, and you may be tempted to drag someone down from where they are.

man running towards the city on green grass field during golden time

That unhealthy competition can negatively affect your soul and spirit, which you’ll have to atone for someday.

On the contrary, the competition after deeply understanding the spiritual principle is quite different. Those types of real competition will push you up to a higher level in the spiritual realm.

Then, with who you should compete, as the matured soul?

The enemy is not others, but you.

What is the motivation for those whose spiritual level is high?

Their motivation is to make others happy that they would feel after rendering the service to neighbors.

Stay tuned.