Month: May 2019

Meaning of the Spiritual Word from Oshienushi-sama

The meaning of “Tekken(??), see something thoroughly”

This means to have the ability to judge what is good or bad. One should be the person who can clearly distinguish good or bad, beautiful or ugly, and right and wrong based on centering on God’s Will and vibration. I chose this word “Tekken(??),” to be in the award ornamental plate at the Annual Expansion Conference in May. Now is the severe era of distinction and separation. In other words, it is the Baptism of Fire in the Fire Period. As we are now entering into such a severe era, it is important for us to have a faithful attitude towards God with the trinity condition and to stay always with God’s vibration. To be such a person, it is important for us to cultivate a judgmental sense of what is the truth.

“Tekken(??),” stands for an ability to acknowledge the truth. Since humans have desires, we tend to focus on our own self-esteem and ego, which results in creating distance from God’s vibration. When one’s vibration becomes opposed to God, it results in harmonizing with vibrations with evil spirits. Consequently, it will lead to unhappiness.

The person who can always tune into God’s will and vibration will be the one who can surely walk towards the path of happiness. This is the universal principle which God administrates to the whole universe. That is why we try to understand this principle thoroughly, to unify with God, and make our effort to harmonize with God’s vibration.

In other words, an unshakable attitude to accept God’s vibration is important. The world is under the trinity conditions; the Divine, Astral, and Physical World are in an interlocking condition, and by firmly grasping that God is always watching over us, is the path to be a person who can consistently face God thoroughly.

In the Goseigen, the collection of Divine Revelations, there are the phrases saying, “God’s pampering age will be closing” and “World shall enter the severe times.” In other words, this indicates, “The era of severe separation and distinction shall come.” It is the prediction that the era of the baptism of fire is coming.

I will continue to offer my prayer wishing all of your happiness here in the main shrine. I want to ask each of you to accumulate your efforts at your center to be a person who has an unshakable faith in Su-God. At the Annual Expansion Conference, which will be held on May 5th, I anticipate to give the ornamental award plate with the letters of “Tekken, (??)” to as many group coordinators as possible who have guided many people to the basic seminar, with my best wishes that many of you can contribute furthermore to guide and save people with their strong faith in Su-God.