Month: March 1985

My Boyfriend in My Privious Life Is My Sister in This Life

It was just about mid-January, 1978, when my cheerful younger sister suddenly stopped talking to anyone. She stayed alone in her room-almost all the time. All family was wondering about what had happened to her.

One day we took her to a near-by doctor and he warned us that she might commit suicide. We were shocked and wet k her to a psychiatrist. He diagnosed that she was a split personality. Ever since then her face became angular. She accused us of trying to poison her and also that the whole family was picking on her. She could not sleep at night at all. She even stopped eating. This weakened her to such an extend that she could no longer walk by herself.

She did not seem become better I by her doctor’s treatment. She reached a very critical stage. We did not know what to do. The doctor diagnosed that she would vegetate sooner or later. This extraordinary situation continued for about three months. Around that time my sister and I had a chance to know about the art of divine light, the exercise of spiritual purification.

We went to Center (training place) every day and found out about our relationship in the past. I was a woman and my sister was a man and we were both in love. But before I went out with him, I had another boyfriend who was very much in love with me. I was expecting his baby, but I gave up this relationship and tried to run away from him. I was about to abort his baby and for some reason I died. This ex-boyfriend was so sad that he committed suicide. His resentment at my action and his love towards me made him possess me after I was reincarnated. His elder sister possessed my sister, because of her pitiful feeling towards her brother. She and my ex-boyfriend acted together to send my sister crazy. This information was given by those resentful spirits themselves.

With this information my sister and I now understood why we were always so close. She was always so faithful and listened to me whilst rejecting the advice of others.

I received much the art of divine light, the spiritual purification and I reflected upon what I didn’t do according to the GOD’s will during my daily life. I apologize to Him for my selfishness. When I turned my selfish feelings into love for others it seemed that those spirits understood my honest feelings and accepted my apology. Since then my sister has regained her mental health and her cheerful personality.

by Ms. Yogosawa