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GOD’s Divine Power Saved My Son

My second sun was born in January 1977. But my happiness did not last long, as the doctor informed me that he was born with a hopeless heart deformity. During second month of pregnancy I started to bleed a little and hurried to the doctor for a check – up.

The doctor said that the bleeding was a sign of a miscarriage and he sent me to hospital the same day. He started to give me hormone injections and hemostatic to avoid miscarriage. I thought that the doctor’s treatment in the hospital must have been the cause of my son being born with such a hopeless heart deformity and I blamed myself and cried every day.

I even begged the doctor to kill my son, but naturally his answer was: “No!”· He said, “I am not in a position to destroy life. Don’t be so stupid. As long as your son lives, you should protect and help him. That’s your role as a parent!” This was a painful lesson.

My son was moved from a community hospital to a more specialized university hospital. The doctor made a hole in the center of his heart to let the clearer blood circulate in the baby’s body. About a month later he could come home temporarily. There were no promises made.
More than 50% of this type of operations are not successful. It was a question of how long he would live. His life would definitely be short, even shorter if he had no operation.

When everything appeared to be so hopeless, I learned about the healing power of GOD, Mahikari no Waza, in a newspaper. I read about some miracle and thought my son might be saved by GOD. I hurried to the Spiritual Center (training place), took a three-day-course and received Omitama, a divine pendant, around my neck. Omitama works similarly to a magnifying glass. It collects the Light of God, which comes from the World of Spirit, concentrates this Light to purify everything which exists.

After this three-day-course I received Divine Light. Divine Light is the spiritual purification of the soul. The spirits of possession which are gathered around the soul and who live together with the principal spirit of a man are purified. Whilst receiving Divine Light my body was overcome by a violent movement. I had no control over it. Both of my hands closed around my neck and out of my mouth came “You die!”. Several people tried to take my hands away from my neck but the spirit’s power flung them off. That was the time when I physically experienced the power of the spirit.

At that moment I understood that my son’s heart deformity was caused by this spirit, and I learned that it was forcing the doctor to operate my child. I cannot say very clearly here the definite reason why the spirit wanted to kill my son. But what this spirit said was as follows.

In my former life I took her (the spirit’s) husband away and she suffered very much. I was very mean to her and finally I even killed her. So she resented and possessed me. I learnt about many things in my former life through this spirit.

After a while of up-grading my innermost thoughts to make them go according to GOD’s Will, that violent movement calmed down. It was really amazing that at the same time my son’s chest which had been sticking out, started gradually changing and becoming normal.

Before, my son could not cry as normal babies do, and his hands and legs were always cold and cyanosis was clearly recognized on his lips and his fingers and toes. Now hecan play with no difficulties.

I cannot find any other words than: “Thank you very much”, to the Almighty GOD, SU, and also I am confident there is no other way for my son. I am willing with all my heart and my soul to continue to work for GOD. I wish all my descendants will be able to do The Art of Divine Light forever.

by Sumiyo Sakai

My Boyfriend in My Privious Life Is My Sister in This Life

It was just about mid-January, 1978, when my cheerful younger sister suddenly stopped talking to anyone. She stayed alone in her room-almost all the time. All family was wondering about what had happened to her.

One day we took her to a near-by doctor and he warned us that she might commit suicide. We were shocked and wet k her to a psychiatrist. He diagnosed that she was a split personality. Ever since then her face became angular. She accused us of trying to poison her and also that the whole family was picking on her. She could not sleep at night at all. She even stopped eating. This weakened her to such an extend that she could no longer walk by herself.

She did not seem become better I by her doctor’s treatment. She reached a very critical stage. We did not know what to do. The doctor diagnosed that she would vegetate sooner or later. This extraordinary situation continued for about three months. Around that time my sister and I had a chance to know about the art of divine light, the exercise of spiritual purification.

We went to Center (training place) every day and found out about our relationship in the past. I was a woman and my sister was a man and we were both in love. But before I went out with him, I had another boyfriend who was very much in love with me. I was expecting his baby, but I gave up this relationship and tried to run away from him. I was about to abort his baby and for some reason I died. This ex-boyfriend was so sad that he committed suicide. His resentment at my action and his love towards me made him possess me after I was reincarnated. His elder sister possessed my sister, because of her pitiful feeling towards her brother. She and my ex-boyfriend acted together to send my sister crazy. This information was given by those resentful spirits themselves.

With this information my sister and I now understood why we were always so close. She was always so faithful and listened to me whilst rejecting the advice of others.

I received much the art of divine light, the spiritual purification and I reflected upon what I didn’t do according to the GOD’s will during my daily life. I apologize to Him for my selfishness. When I turned my selfish feelings into love for others it seemed that those spirits understood my honest feelings and accepted my apology. Since then my sister has regained her mental health and her cheerful personality.

by Ms. Yogosawa