Month: December 1992

A Dying Sparrow

It was the beginning of last July when we have just moved to this house. I finished to clean the table after breakfast and I left my home taking some cookies to greet my new neighbors. I saw a sparrow sinking its hips on the ground completely at the middle of the sidewalk behind my house. Its eyes were half closed and a large swarm of ants were on its legs to the corner of its eye. Whoever saw, it must have thought it was dying. I forgot about the cookies completely and began chanting Amatsu-Norigoto praying to Su God to save its life and gave it the divine light. Worrying a longer the divine light might be too much to such a tiny body, I gave it the divine light for three minutes. Later, I asked my son to relocate the bird to our backyard. He chose the shade and put it there gently on the ground.

Interesting to say, though it kept its eyes half closed, its hips were no longer on the ground. I was happy that the divine light did work for it.

I gave the divine light twice to it after that. I carefully moved the bird to the shade of a tree every time the sun was changed. It was getting well every time it received the divine light. After a while, it began moving by itself. After receiving the fourth divine light, it got moving around and chirping everywhere in the backyard. Finally, it walked under the Jacuzzi and walked away to where I couldn’t reach it.

After a while, I went to see how the bird was doing, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was relieved in a way wondering it might have gone back its home cheerfully. I thanked Su God so much that I couldn’t find a word.

At the sunset of the same day, a number of sparrows gathered sitting on the electric line in front of my house and kept peeching almost they wanted us to realize something. Children and I were talking, “What a noisy place we moved into!”, but my babiest 6-year-old daughter said to me, “Mom, don’t you think the sparrow you saved could be a prince or a princess in the world of sparrows? That’s why it came here to thank you in the whole family. I immediately ran to the window and looked. Believe or not, I saw a large number of sparrows. Interesting to say, though I opened the rusty squeaky window loudly, none of them even tempted to leave there and kept singing to us. I have gotten the goose bumps all over my body and felt my heart trembled. Strangely enough, I never saw that huge numbers of sparrows around our house ever since that day.

– Kazue