The Divine Universal Laws

The Creation of Universe, Earth and Human Beings were all scheduled by God. We call his program Divine Plan.
God initiated his plan in order to incarnate the Heaven on Earth utilizing materials.

God granted desire to Humanity capacitating them to exploit subterranean resources. Thus, God has developed the material civilization.

As material development proceeded, material desire had driven humanity excessively toward egocentrism. As a result, people have lost sight of God and are about to fall into critical situation.
In order to awaken human beings to this fact, God arranges various situations that humanity cannot get out without the help of God.

Actually, we see various phenomena that cannot be prevented or solved with current human knowledge and technologies like abnormal climate changes, large-scale accidents, degradation of social situation, the increase of intractable diseases and mentally uncontrollable people.

With a view to awaken humanity to the Truth, God granted them the ‘Teachings of Divine Law’ and ‘Art of Divine Light’. Thus God intends to let people recognize the existence of soul, spirit and God, and guide them to live a life for which they were created to be.

In our Spiritual Volunteer Centers, every month we hold an initiation seminar offering an opportunity to know the Divine Law. There, you can also acquire the Art of Divine Light.

For those who interested in knowing more about the profound teachings, we also provide 2nd and 3rd Level Seminar.