Our Mission

Working for God to Establish a Divine Civilization

God granted the “Teaching of the Universal Laws” and “The Art of the Divine Light” not only for the people of Japan but for all of humanity. Consequently, the mission of this Organization is to produce “Seed People” who can establish a Divine Civilization.

Since we have been allowed to know the purpose of God’s Plan, we need to take steps to convey this “Teaching for Humankind” throughout the world. To that end, we are now developing “Spiritual Volunteer” activities. In the 20th century, volunteer work such as distribution of food to the poor was common; however, in the 21st century the fire era, volunteer work through such well-meaning material contributions is no longer enough, as now enlightenment, understanding the Divine Teachings and giving and receiving Divine Light are required as well.

By participating in Spiritual Volunteer activities, we are practicing Unconditional Love that transforms our Sonen, or innermost mind, from one of “taking” into one of “giving.” We need to change our position that it is beneficial to seek not only our own enlightenment but also the enlightenment of others. In the manner that God, our Creator, has taught us to share Love and Truth, we need to save others single-mindedly without expecting anything in return. By participating in Spiritual Volunteer activities, our Divine Teachings and Art of Divine Light Purification will surely be accepted by many people all over the world.