Month: December 2020

Become an inhabitant of heaven, now

One day, my son came and asked me,

‘Why do I have to study at school?’

I always try to answer his questions as simply as possible, and this time, I said;

‘To make you and others happy. The more knowledge you learn in school, the more you can make you and others happy in the future.’

It may not be the perfect answer; however, my answer is hopefully simple enough for him to see that the future is something positive he hasn’t even thought of yet.

The truth is what I answered for him is exactly the reason that I keep myself eager to learn new things in life.

You won’t be able to master all bits of knowledge in the world in life anyway.

Nevertheless, it is worth spending time to expand your knowledge.

I believe that people feel excitement when they deepen their understanding about something new that they don’t know, which means that people are destined to learn throughout their journey in life.

I believe the coming spiritual-oriented world is the new age when people live in the simple principle: giving for others.

People there would not even think about dragging someone down to win the competition; on the contrary, their motivation to work for a living is always ‘to give for others’.

They would keep seeking the quality job in their profession, with the motivation to give for others.

‘How can I serve my client better?’

‘What do I need to know to support him/her enough?’

You can imagine how delightful it is when people are grateful for you.

The joy of giving is the most significant compensation for them, and monetary compensation always comes last.

In this scenario, it is total nonsense for you to compete with others, as someone that you should defeat is always you, but not others.

I am a firm believer that your growth needs to come with a well-balanced development of spirit, mind, and body, and those who can keep up the well-balanced growth will boost their transformation to be fine inhabitants of heaven.

brown grasses under white clouds at daytime

Even now, those who keep practicing Divine Light and make the effort to expand his/her knowledge for the sake of others will attain the path to the new world in life.

The very key is always to practice ‘Divine Light’ and ‘Change your Sonen, Innermost-mind’.

Your effort to purify your soul and spirit and tune into the vibration of the Universe will realize your transformation in a spiritual wellness and lead you to a higher level.

Your spiritual journey and transformation shall begin at the moment when you determine to be the inhabitant of heaven, and you can be, not in the future but now.

Our spiritual journey will keep moving on.

Who is the real enemy to defeat?

There are a series of effective exercises, such as walking, interval training, squats, lunges, push-ups, abdominal crunches, or bent-over row.

You are motivated to work out, especially at the gym where others also workout in the same large room.

The music and voices that you hear there can motivate you to workout, and you will find yourself able to focus on your training.

Physical exercise can have the same effect as meditation, such as calming your mind down and focusing on one thing.

Yes, it comes with a kind of pain and suffering in the physical body, which is probably the reason why so many people quit after a short time.

However, the total health of mind and body is almost guaranteed after defeating your laziness.

Who is the enemy that tries to stop your workout? Not others, but you.

After keeping up the workout successfully, your health will improve, and healthy body will improve your ability to serve the community through your profession.

The same can be said for your spiritual training.

The purpose of spiritual training is to energize your soul and spirit with positive energy while removing the negative essence out of you.

People come to seek the light, and I have seen many people start changing their lives by practicing Divine Light.

Your focus at the spiritual center is the connection between God and you.

The continued practice of Divine Light will bring you to a new level, and your environment will start changing following the transformation of your soul and spirit.

The positive change of your soul and spirit is more significant than the aforementioned physical training, as your body and environment can be significantly affected by how you are in the spiritual realm.

Then, who can be the enemy that tries to stop your Divine Light practice? Not others, but you.

It is about the connection between God and you, and you would pay no attention to others when it comes to the Divine Light practice, just like the workout in the gym.

Those who would benefit from that physical training at the gym and Divine Light practice at the spiritual center are you and others who receive the service from you afterward.

I believe the next spiritual-oriented world’s competition would be essentially the same: it is all about how you would do, and not about how others do.

two men running at park

I can see much unhealthy competition in this secular world.

Honestly, I am not interested in defeating others or dragging someone down from where they are at all, which could get your back negatively someday.

However, the only enemy that I have to defeat is me.

To sharpen my knowledge and skills and be the person who can make my family and others happy, I know I have to keep competing with myself, not others.

Making myself, my family and others happy is truly the reason why people can keep going every single day.

The ultimate purpose?

It is to be part of the Divine Plan, realizing heaven on the planet altogether.

Stay tuned.