Healthy competition is a motive power to develop the material-oriented world for sure.

The Divine Plan that we talk about in the basic seminar clearly reveals humankind’s history and how we have been doing thus far.

The blue-colored age in the diagram of Divine Plan shows the age of material development. Obviously, people in those ages had no choice but to compete with each other. But in modern times, the power of competition has brought about a certain result of innovation, renovation, and further development in human progress.

If you use iPhone, everyone knows the device came after number of innovative ideas by Steve Jobs, and most of us know that he had a highly competitive personality.

It is true where Apple is today started his competitive mind. Jobs was even forced out of Apple once by CEO John Sculley back then after Sculley saw that Jobs’ strategy could even ruin the company.

Later, Steve Jobs returned to Apple, and the company keeps moving on today, after his death.

Macintosh Personal Computer


iOS Operating System



Apple Watch …

No doubt that these innovations changed everything about how we work, shop, communicate, in the material world. (though my devices are fully equipped with Android)

This is how human history has progressed so far, and healthy competition was essential.

However, the competitive mindset can also cause the side-effect: degrading your soul and spirit level.

red and brown leaves on white surface

Remember how your soul and spirit are guided by the condition of your Sonen (the innermost mind).

Do not allow yourself to be trapped by the negative energy, such as anger, grudge, hatred, after rendering the competitive mind against others.

Those two, realizing the healthy competition and releasing the negative energy against others, are totally different stories. If you keep emitting negative energy to others, know that would be the energy that people can receive back within.

We will dig deeper into the subject of competition.

Stay tuned.