The COVID pandemic has impacted the world since the beginning of this year.

Many people stay home longer than before in order to prevent infection, and most of them have opportunities to look back and reflect on their past deeds and circumstances.

The ongoing effects by COVID have surpassed expectations, as most people believed it would have ended by now.

In the beginning, many people expected COVID to pass quickly and things would go back to normal. As time goes by, we realize that our way of life has changed and we are very cautious about spreading the infection.

Since the virus is invisible, everyone has prioritized safety for individuals, and others.

Currently, we always obtain to keep distances with others more than before ever; therefore, common sense and general knowledge were completely overturned.

Before the outbreak of COVID, I think it was easy to be more focused on individual success and achievement in various fields.

But in the current situation, we have to work together more.

Since we maintain physical distance, we’ve had to rely more on communication than ever before.

Despite thinking trivial matters, people are striving to support and help each other.

Through this more people are able to exchange ideas and opinions.

Interestingly, great changes happened in me before knowing it. Even cases that were once tough for me to maintain peace of mind, became much easier for me to handle, and I was able to remain calm to listen others opinions and I could express mine.

In the past, I was strongly opinionated; nevertheless, I now try to choose words carefully considering other’s situation in order to boost their motivation and morale.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, my though and mindset have shifted from competition to cooperation.

In the society, more positive effects happened after people shifted their mindset from competition to cooperation.

According to the news, over 60% of people in Japan who responded to a poll regarding COVID stay home order said it afforded them opportunities to pray for ancestors who already departed to another world and to talk to them. Besides, awareness about invisible aspects has tended to grow since they stay home longer than before.

Although most people placed emphasis on reliable evidence and proof before epidemic of infection, they shifted to focus on the bonds of family members, friends, fellow workers and so on while the COVID made it necessary for human to avoid contact in person.

people holding shoulders sitting on wall

I felt many people want be satisfied spiritually more than material comforts.

Divine Teaching says that God has a great plan and purpose for creating mankind. Since this physical world has been developing following His plan, I guess various problems these days are probably fundamental to advance the Divine Plan.

Even though the situation around the world is tough, I look forward to seeing what God prepares next for mankind.

The more I think what kind of situation I will be able to contribute for the sake of God and others, the more I am excited for it.