God’s purpose is to build a heavenly civilization on earth.

People live to be happy.

Each one of us lives in God’s Divine Plan.

These facts are what we should always keep in mind.

Each of us live to make ourselves happy, and we are called to build a world where we can support each other all over the world while giving to others.

And the leader at the center of world peace is God.

Everything in the world is driven by God’s leadership, so there is no room for argument.

And the roadmap for God to lead the world is called the Divine Plan.

Phenomena that happen in the world will happen precisely according to His Divine Plan.

And because we have learned the Divine Plan, we know exactly what will happen in the future.

What awaits us is the bright future, the manifestation of heaven on earth.

But before we can get to this heaven on earth, God sets up a ‘mechanism for progress’.

You could say that this ‘mechanism for progress’ is a necessary test for those who live in heaven on earth.

We don’t know in what way these trials will manifest themselves to us individually.

I believe that severe trials can occur for individuals or society as a whole, such as physical sickness or economic challenges, whatever it can be.

It can be said that COVID-19, which is happening now, is also a test for all of humanity.

This COVID-19, which is happening on a human scale, requires all of humanity to overcome the ordeal in unison.

And there is one interesting fact.

It is precisely in times of adversity that people can grow in terms of human progress.

For example, let’s say your business is doing well.

New customers are added.

Products sell well.

The stock price goes up.

Everything you do is going well, and your employees’ lives are safe.

Your competitor is envious of your success.

However, when it’s smooth sailing, there’s a certain mentality that comes into play: “We’re going to be beautiful just the way we are.”

The next thing you know, your competitors have overtaken you, and this is when the adversity part of the whole cycle begins.

You and your employees will be desperately trying to think of ways to get the business back on track.

And the truth is, it is in times like these when people grow to great heights.

And now, all humanity is going through a challenging time.

COVID-19 negatively impacted the health and economic wealth of individuals?

However, one thing is clear: this COVID-19 is also a pathway for humanity to find the Kingdom of Heaven.

five birds flying on the sea

So how should we get through these difficult times? 

Everything is orchestrated by God, and the only result that we will see is prosperity.

And we, Divine Light practitioners, know how to get through these difficult times.

We will continue next week.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned.