When you work out, you surely feel great pain and suffering in your body.

Likewise, you sweat a lot and feel tired after exercising to shape up your body.

As time goes by; however, you will realize how the pain and suffering contributed to the transformation of your body that comes out with tight muscles and excellent shape.

The truth is that the more your muscle feel pain for the endurance of heaviness or pressure, the more muscle grows tougher and bigger.

That is how it works in the universe, and certain growth always comes after particular pain and suffering.

Now, we are in a challenging time in which humankind on the planet is experiencing hardship mentally, physically, and financially.

Know the principle that you can expect the growth of your soul and spirit by adequately going through these hard times.

We, all Divine Light practitioners, know a secret, and it is about the attitude to live along with God’s vibration.

You may be defeated by a series of challenges at the moment.

That is why we tune in to God’s vibration NOW.

People may feel worried about what will take place in their future.

That is why we keep working out spiritually NOW.

Do not allow yourself to fall into the vicious cycle of worry.

God will never neglect to support those who try seeking His power and walking with Him.

What a blessing it is that we are easily able to be fulfilled by simply putting out our palm.

I believe those two methods can meet God’s expectations during this challenging time.

– Keep up the Divine Light practice in your home (or spiritual center if opened in your State).

– Keep your innermost mind healthy by staying with the spiritual principles

Those two manners will undoubtedly gear up your transformation to be the inhabitant of heavenly earth that is manifesting from now.

Remember, we are in the age of dawn.

The world is in so much chaos at the moment in all arenas; however, we know exactly what is happening in the world now based on God’s Divine Plan.

What’s important for us to do now is be aware of the Divine Plan and keep a positive attitude

Think Positive text illustration

toward God.

Again, do not allow yourself to fall in the trap of a vicious cycle that can catch you by releasing negative vibration.

Rather, stay focused and keep releasing positive vibration, which completely matches with God’s vibration so that his blessing can surely support you.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned.