With two cups of green tea at 5am in the morning, my grandmother’s day started. She offered one of the cups to our family ancestors and the other one was for herself.

As a faithful Buddhist, she offered gratitude to ancestors every morning and night no matter how busy she was.

Praying to ancestors is a very beautiful practice I learned from her since early childhood. Praying to God and ancestors became a natural ritual for me, thanks to my grandmother.

Prayer connects us with God and the people we pray for, transcending time, space, and dimension.

Prayer relaxes my mind and calms me down, creating a peaceful feeling in the midst of challenging and stressful situations.

In this unstable time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are facing stressful situations and worrying about an uncertain future.

Praying emits positive frequency from us. Especially the prayer of appreciation and gratitude will perfectly resonate with God’s vibrations.

When your mental state is of gratitude, you will see everything in appreciation and you will find God’s Love, Wisdom and Life force in nature, people and all things.

Filling yourself with the vibrations of gratitude will also inspire others to be grateful and experience peace and joy in their lives. As a result you and other people will attract more blessings.

Prayer brings happiness to people and to yourself.

Between August 1982 and May 1983, Randolph Byrd, a professor of cardiology at the San Francisco General Hospital, conducted an experiment on the effects of prayer on patients hospitalized for heart treatment. Randomly he divided 393 patients into two groups. One group received prayer from some people while the second group did not received prayer.

To eliminate the placebo effect, the patients were not told of the experiment. Remarkably, Byrd found that the group who did not receive prayer was five times likely to need antibiotics and three times likely to develop complications compared to those who received prayer.

The people in the group who received prayer seemed to have significantly slower disease progression.

Prayer makes yourself happy!

woman clapping her hands

According to a research conducted by a brain scientist, Ms. Nobuko Nakano, it was discovered that “prayer” is an act that not only fills the hearts of others but also of our own.

If you pray for someone other than yourself, your brain will judge that you are doing good deeds. Then, pleasant substances such as dopamine, beta endorphin, and oxytocin will be secreted into your brain. As a result, you will also feel happy.

If the content of your thoughts and emotions are negative, no pleasant substance will be produced in your brain. Instead, a stress hormone called cortisol is produced, which causes frustrating emotions.

Let’s take a few moments to think about the blessings and protections we have received from God. Think about what you are thankful for. Pray for your loved ones and wish them happiness.

God, listens and grants your love wish for you and your loved ones!