“The world is going to get hotter.”

“People will be dancing the Jitterbug on the frying pan.”

The statement above is a climate prophecy spoken by First Oshienushi-sama from sixty years ago.

According to the news yesterday, some areas in Japan saw temperatures rise above 104 Fahrenheit.

Sure, that’s not uncommon in other parts of the world.

However, if you have been to Japan, you understand what I mean: it is not only the heat but also the humidity.

With such extreme humidity sweat starts to pour down your skin even when you sit still, doing nothing.

On top of that, your body can’t withstand the blazing heat of a midsummer day.

This is why Japan has seen a rapid increase of hyperthermia cases in recent years, especially since 2010.

Hyperthermia is a condition where the body is dangerously overheated, and cannot maintain normal temperature.

Under such circumstances, I seriously doubt whether they should still host Tokyo Olympics next year for safety concerns, even if it is not affected by the coronavirus, given the severely hot weather in mid-summer.

If the Olympics are to be held, I hope that all the athletes will take good care of themselves and maintain good physical condition.

As you can see, abnormal weather conditions have become more and more pronounced in recent years.

We are experiencing exactly what the First Oshienushi-sama spoke about 60 years ago.

The Divine teaching says, “Continue to improve your spirit, mind, and body in trinity.” 

If you say that you should receive God’s light and train only the spiritual aspect, that attitude is the concept of spiritualism. 

If you only cultivate your mind, or intellect, the most essential aspect of your conscience might not necessarily be uplifted.

Same thing goes if you only train your body. You might become a person who values material possessions more than spiritual principles.

After all, as Divine Light Practitioners, we are to make the balance of spiritual training, mental training, and physical training.

It is essential to improve the balance of these three aspects by practicing Divine Light and changing your innermost mind.

With the two wheels of the vehicle, your spiritual level will be elevated more and more.

By doing so, you could improve yourself spiritually, but we will also be able to overcome the current severe times no matter what mother nature unleashes.

depth of field of grass

And here’s what I want to focus on.

What does it mean to change your innermost mind? How do you do it?

The importance of shifting your thoughts is talked about in the Basic Divine Light seminar; however, what exactly does changing your thoughts mean?

Let’s learn more about the significance of ideation transformation and how to do it in depth.

We will continue next week.

Enjoy life more, and stay tuned.