When people face something inconvenient, most people try to look for some excuses like; “I’m old” “I’m so weak” “I don’t have knowledge enough” and so on.

Moreover, some of them say, “It’s none of my business!” in order to try to dodge responsibilities.

They might spend the whole weekend agonizing over that.

Besides, many people including me prefer ease and comfort.

Whether at school or work, I only did the minimum necessary; therefore, I always acted prioritizing my own convenience.

Looking back on those days, I regret wasting so much time.

Of course, we need some rest. The most important thing is what you will do after that.

In my experience, I wasn’t motivated to do anything.

I’m sure your challenges are greater than mine, but please ask yourself, “Am I taking care of all the important things?”

One sure way to kill any enthusiasm is to make “excuses”.

God always puts various challenges in front of us to overcome for our improvement.  

Believe in the power and courage from the invisible world, and show enthusiasm for study and work.

Committing yourself to everything thoroughly will completely change you.

By challenging yourself, it might take a while; however, your efforts to overcome them will positively affect many people around you.

The people who are touched by your deeds will gradually encourage and support you; furthermore, cheering from many people will manifest great power in order to shift or change your circumstances in a positive way.

Effort become your friend, but excuses become your enemy. In other words, making excuses will be like a curse preventing you from growing and improving.

While you are facing challenges without self-limitation, you will be blessed with infinite possibilities.

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The Diving Teachings say that when you commit and strive towards whatever is in front of you, God and your ancestors will guide and support you from the spiritual world. As a result, you can sometimes reap the benefit of efforts more than you expect.

If you want to escape from reality using excuses, please ask yourself “Do I want to stay where I am or do I want to go somewhere better?”

Why don’t you fulfill your potential by receiving tremendous power from not only the people around you but also the invisible aspects instead of using excuses?

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