You may have heard the term, ‘Give and Take,’ which is the practice of making mutual concessions or good-natured exchange.

The truth is the vibe that matches the universe comes out with your manner of ‘Give and Give.’

Think of how nature is:

wind to touch your skin;

forest to give you fresh air;

calming sound of ocean waves;

and mountains to re-energize you.

There is nothing to take out of you, in nature: just giving.

When you give something, it always comes back to you in some form, without asking for it.

Imagine throwing a baseball against the wall.

The harder you throw the ball, the more force it bounces back with, and that is how the universe responds to you.

I won’t blame anyone; however, so many people are eager to take things from others at this age.

Or, people are too focused on obtaining money or material objects, as if those objects give meaning in life.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying those material objects, and people deserve it.

However, the ultimate manner that we should follow is how nature is: just giving.

After giving, the cycle of virtue will respond to you with the abundance of enjoyment, as its attitude of giving perfectly matches the universe’s vibration.

Yes, we need to work for a living; however, becoming a pure giver is the very secret for your success.

person holding white dandelion flower

Think about and imagine two different types of people: pure takers or pure givers.

In other words, those who try to take things from you or those who always give things to you without expecting anything in return.

Obviously, you gravitate toward those pure givers and would help them when in need. (Although that giver won’t ask you for help)

That is because the act of giving that the pure giver rendered matches the vibe of the universe, and his/her abundance of virtue will cause the givers to receive their needs.

I will talk later about depth of giving.

Stay tuned.