Think about how you feel when caring for someone.

Your mindset is nothing but dedicating to something for someone, and there is nothing that you expect in return.

You feel good spending your time and energy for others.

The truth is that caring and taking action for others doesn’t just give you good feelings.

Know the vibration that you emit when caring for others can match with the vibration of the universe.

We call it altruism, and that is the attitude we should master and set up as part of the foundation of our life.

I have experienced very problematic situation in the past.

I was dealing with an outside vendor in my administrative work, and a big mistake caused by the outside vendor happened during the transaction.

I asked the vendor for help; however, he didn’t care about what happened (although the issue was caused by him) and took no action to fix it.

I was very disappointed with his attitude; however, it is not right to accuse him.

As a person of faith trying to walk with God, I made effort to settle the situation on my own, and then, another vendor appeared suddenly and helped me with the best he can do.

This third vendor (who didn’t have to spend his time with me) was totally dedicated to solving the issue for me.

His kind and caring manner lit up my mind, and you can easily imagine how much I appreciate him.

After all, the third vendor didn’t earn even a penny (except for the thanks card from me) due to the original contract; however, I know he has earned virtue and stored it in heaven.

brown nut on person's left palm

I know the vibration of gratitude that I have emitted to him has uplifted him so much in the spiritual realm.

I must admit that my gratitude is much deeper, especially as I was totally devastated due to the hopeless situation.

As such, those who take action in altruism, helping others with the best always end up receiving the vibration of gratitude from others without knowing it.

Besides, the vibration at the moment when he/she takes action in altruism itself can be aligned with the universal principle and vibration.

I am sure that the third vendor whom I received heartfelt support from still lives in the same manner today, and lives in the height in the spiritual realm.

Stay tuned.