In the stock market, they say, ‘buy when the market is pessimistic and sell when irrationally optimistic’.

When the stock market is unstable, most investors would feel pessimistic and run away by selling their stock.

Those who really understand what the stock market is about, however, will buy stock, while the market is pessimistic.

The same can be said for your spiritual growth.

The recession is becoming severe, and this type of economic downturn can even trigger social unrest in the future.

The World Bank just announced last week that COVID-19 can put as many as 150 million into extreme poverty by 2021.

It seems like the direction of mankind is not optimistic, but rather, pessimistic.

However, I know that this is the moment that we must prioritize our time to tune into God’s vibration, as the world situation is negative.

I am not saying that we don’t have to tune into His vibe, when the economy is good; we need to always tune into His vibration through our life anyway.

However, what I would like to emphasize is that the now is the very time to boost our action to walk with God, by practicing Divine Light.

man on shore near rock formation

Those who reap the true fruits of happiness are the ones who can stick to his or her attitude to walk with God, in the challenging time.

‘Well, I won’t see bright future. Things are getting worse to me.’

No! Know the spiritual principle that the greatest opportunities for growth in your life can always be found in gloomy times.

The more turbulent things become, the more you should live putting God first.

You will find that something (the universe) is pushing you up toward a higher level.

The condition to receive such vital support from the universe will be established and you can tightly tune into His vibration habitually no matter what happens, especially in this type of challenging time.

Be with the Divine Light.

Stay tuned.