I have been talking about ‘Changing your Sonen, innermost-mind’.

It is worth repeating about the importance of changing your Sonen, innermost-mind, as it can vitally affect your life.

I almost guarantee you that what you see in your life is the manifestation of what you have within.

– Release a sense of appreciation

– Positive thinking

– Keep a smile on your face

– Throw away any ego out of your mind

– Harmonize with love and harmony

Those examples of positive vibration perfectly resonate with the vibration of the universe, and attuning with that positive frequency is essential.

However, attuning your vibration with the universe won’t prevent all struggles from happening in life.

Rather, at an appropriate time, a challenge will occur, and if you are properly attuned into the positive vibration of the universe, you will overcome the trial and be stronger.  

The COVID-19 pandemic that spread out from the beginning of this year has significantly affected our life in a negative way, no doubt.

Many of us lost a job, or closed a business, and are struggling to survive.

Yet, this difficult time provides the opportunity that we must surrender our desire to the universe.

In fact, the new stages of civilization throughout human history always happened after the pandemics in the past.

I am so glad to hear that many Divine Light practitioners who stick to the essential practice experience strong protection from God.

Some of them lost their income, however, they have been able to endure this challenging time and I know they are the ones who have kept surrendering their desire to the universe.

God never misses to chance to guide them to the next level.

smiling boy

Divine song says,

‘Most conditions that are judged as bad through human knowledge are the source of good in the spiritual realm.’

I know those who walk with Divine Light can make the COVID-19 situation a stepping stone toward the upcoming spiritual oriented world.

The time is approaching, and simply, we keep polishing our soul and spirit with Divine Light.

Stay tuned.