‘What does God want me to do?’

‘How can I join His plan?’

These questions are the very keys when thinking of the direction that you might want to follow.

Too many people in the world focus on only the visible aspects in their life, and be in a hustle for what they can obtain.

So many kinds of stuff in the world are fabulous enough to catch your eyes, and people are tempted to acquire them: a nice car, a big house, a big flat-TV in the living room, etc..

I am not saying that it is terrible to obtain those stuff; rather, you deserve it after rendering particular service to the community.

What I am saying is that too much focus on acquiring materials may blind you to what is truly important or valuable.

Yes, we need money, clothes, food, a roof on your head in the present time.

However, think about how human nature is originally, and there were no objectives in the world that existed for humans in the very beginning: all of them, including currency, are human made.

Again, I am not saying that you shouldn’t get those stuff; instead, you should enjoy them.

What I am saying is, however, that visible stuff should never be your priority in life.

A futurist, Richard Buckminster Fuller, contemplated suicide by drowning in Lake Michigan, after losing his first daughter in a traumatic way.

However, he had experienced a profound incident that would provide direction and purpose for his life.

He felt as though he was suspended several feet above the ground, enclosed in a white sphere of light.

‘From now on, you need never await temporal attestation to your thought.’

‘You do not belong to you, but belong to the Universe.’

‘You are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting your experiences to the highest advantage of others.’

Ever since then, he quit working for getting money only, but worked for others, while always thinking of ‘What does God want me to do?’

Did he end up being thrown into the street?

No, he had become so successful as the futurist, although he quit working for money with his belief (interestingly, monetary compensation to support his family enough had run after him).

This true story tells me that the vibration of Richard’s Sonen, innermost-mind, that had established within was completely matched with the vibration of the universe.

aerial photography of flowers at daytime

Today, we are experiencing a very challenging time, especially after the COVID-19 spread out worldwide.

However, do not allow yourself to get trapped by the negative emotion caused by the series of challenges in front of you.

I promise that you will elevate to higher level if you practice both of these:

Force from within – changing your Sonen (innermost mind), by continuously adding a drop of golden shining color with a positive vibe.

Force from outside – receive and give Divine Light.

‘What does God want you to do?’

‘How can I join His plan?’

When staying with the vibration of the universe, you will find yourself protected against the negative impact that is going on in the world.

Stay tuned.