I always illustrate the transformation of Sonen (innermost mind), with water in a cup.

The water has no color initially, it is crystal clear.

Suppose there are two colors of ink prepared next to the cup with water: Gold color and black color.

The more drops of black ink you add, the darker the water becomes.

Conversely, the water becomes brighter when you keep adding drops of gold ink.

This is exactly what can happen within you.

Your Sonen can release positive vibration, just like shining light with the golden color.

The darker shadow is indeed negative vibration that your Sonen can release.

They say, ‘if you wish to change your life, you must change.’

This is very true, and your attitude has major affect towards happiness.

However, the other truth is ‘you must change your Sonen in order to change your attitude’ since your belief and action is deeply affected by your Sonen.

Obviously, you should aim to have a good Sonen which as a higher vibration, just like a golden shining light.

The key is ‘keep adding a drop of golden ink in your cup’, and there are two inseparable methods to do this: practicing Divine Light and Changing your Sonen.

In other words, the practice of Divine Light is the force from outside, while the effort to change your Sonen is the force from inside.

underwater photography of water bubbles

Those two forces work together just like keep adding a drop of golden ink in your cup, and you must work both forces, otherwise the water in your cup will not get brighter.

The examples of the force from inside are:

– Release a sense of appreciation

– Positive thinking

– Keep a smile on your face

– Throw away any ego out of your mind

– Harmonize with love and harmony

Those efforts, as such are equal to adding a drop of golden ink toward your inner force.

And never forget to keep adding a drop of golden ink from outside by practicing Divine Light.

Both sides of the coin will perfect the transformation of your Sonen, guaranteed.

The question is, ‘how much do you keep adding a drop of golden color from both sides?’

Stay tuned.