The Divine Teaching emphasizes the importance of practicing Divine Light in conjunction with making effort to change our Sonen. We use the analogy that both “are just like the wheels on both sides of a car.” We could also say they are like two sides of the same coin.

It would be very difficult to practice Divine Teachings and change our innermost mind WITHOUT getting Divine Light. Simultaneously, getting Divine Light WITHOUT the intention and effort to change ourselves will result in very minimal if any improvement.

We need both for our spiritual growth.

This is very true, especially when seeking your transformation.

A couple of years ago, I saw a devout religious lady on TV, lamenting about how so many people become uplifted at church by the pastor, only to forget what they learned.  

Last week, I talked about the couple who purchased a large new flat-screen TV from BestBuy shortly after counseling CFP.

They are essentially the same story, and this is because your action is deeply affected by your Sonen.

Your beliefs do motivate your mind and have you take action; however, Sonen exists on a deeper level than your beliefs.

Those real stories tell us enough that people can’t change their behavior with knowledge alone.

No matter how good or moving a story is to you, or how valuable a word of advice is that you receive, you won’t change unless your Sonen that dwells in your deepest level is improved.

Besides, we must know that real transformation happens for the first time when both Divine Light practice and changing your Sonen come together, and if they do, your transformation will take-off.

Then, how can you start changing your Sonen?

Simply put, changing your Sonen happens not through knowledge, but your practice.

And the practice that I talk about here is your action to tune in to the vibration of the universe.

To find a particular radio program, you have to set the tuner frequency to match with the proper station.

Let’s say the frequency from your soul is just like the vibration from the radio.

Interestingly, you can freely choose the type of vibration within: positive vibration or negative vibration.

There are countless frequencies out there in the world; however, the type of vibration that you always must go back to is the vibration from the universe.

To tell you the truth, the positive vibration, such as gratitude or appreciation, completely matches the vibration from the universe.

Let’s dig deeper next week…

Stay tuned.