When thinking of the definition of Sonen, I believe ‘subconsciousness’ is the closest.

It is deep, and hidden. But much of what we see and experience from other’s is not always real.

In movies, the actors and actresses performing often have to express different emotions, such as happiness or anger.

The more their performance is outstanding, the more you are drawn into the story, and believe it as ‘real’ (even though you know it’s just a movie).

In reality, once the actors and actresses finish filming a scene, they immediately return to normal. What they portray on screen is fake. They were acting.

Indeed, people can ‘act’ after controlling and manipulating their minds.

The mind is very important in that it controls your body.

Your body moves by following exactly what you think in your mind.

The funny thing, though, is that you can act by controlling your mind purposely.

But, Sonen is at a much deeper level.

Sonen is the spiritual aspect of your mind.

This is why so many people say, ‘I can’t change my way of thinking,’ or ‘I can’t change my behavior.’

I believe this can be one of the common challenges for all humankind: “I can’t change it.”

There is a very well-known CPA, John MacGregor, who has worked with hundreds of clients for over two decades. He said, “People can’t change their behavior.”

blue paint

In a story about a couple seeking financial advice, he said, “After a session of a couple hours, they realized how overspending was causing deep financial trouble, and they resolved to stop wasting money. ‘We are ready to stop spending and start saving!’ they declared.  But shortly after leaving my office, they purchased a large new flat screen TV from BestBuy.”

It is tough to change your behavior.

We know tons of examples that you can’t change your behavior no matter how strongly you determine your resolution in your mind.

That is because your Sonen affects your mind.

Your mind will control your action, which is true.

However, you must know that your Sonen is the real boss.

In the structure of mind controlling the body, or the mechanism of thoughts becoming actions, the sonen is at the top, controlling your mind and affecting your body.

Now, let us talk about how to transform your sonen next week.

Stay tuned.