I used to go to summer festivals in Japan and wear a delicate and colorful Yukata that my grandmother made especially for me. A Yukata is a beautiful and informal summer Kimono (traditional Japanese garment).

The Yukata brought the spirit of summer for me. It made me enjoy the real pleasure of the season.

A faint fragrance of Grandma arose from my Yukata, bringing back memories of her, sewing my beloved Kimono.      

Over thirty years, this Yukata shined with a fresh and comforting spirit.  Every time I wore this Yukata I felt the dignifying presence of my grandmother, inspiring in my heart the importance of always keeping a high spirit.  

Things made with love have a unique presence. Things we use with love and care emit a powerful aura and increase their significances and value.

Being loved is important for things. Over the years, the objects that have been cherished will inherit the spirit of the user. A charm that wasn’t there at the moment they were created.

I think love accumulates and remains in the memory of things and creates an aura; a “beautiful presence”.

My Yukata was made with love. That love was passed on to me from my grandmother and made our relationship so special!

Everything we do establishes a relationship with people.

In my life I have always made heart to heart connections with people. Love and care for others have always been my guide.

man and woman walking on the road

For that reason, I face everything with careful consideration.

I put my sincere heart and do my best to people I meet.

“Dignity” refers to the highest level of aspiration.

When honor and worth are in the essence of words and actions, a strong connection of love is established among people.

Always do things with love and dignity for people to feel appreciated.

Take a moment to breathe deeply before you start. Remember where the creation of beloved things come from.

Be your most beautiful presence!