Mioya-Moto-Su-Mahikari-Ohomikami-sama (Su God), Oshienushi-sama, thank you very.much for allowing me and my husband Dennis to participate in welcoming Oshienushi-sama in his first visit to current New York Center.

In July 2010, we received an e-mail from our doshi (Ministers) that Oshienushi-sama will visit New York center. Immediately my husband told me that he would like to participate in this event.

Although his schedule and his condition were unpredictable due to his illness; I did not hesitate to prepare our trip to New York.

As the date was upcoming for the trip, my husband was having cleansing such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Every morning the moment he got up he cough and sneeze simultaneously. Th.is happened everyday; as I observed him.

Two days before the trip to New York, my husband was having severe cleansing and since he was concerned of dehydration he checked himself to the hospital. The doctor and medical staff did not find anything wrong and he was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Speculating on, that he ate; he did not have any appetite for three days prior to his emergency visit.

On the day, we were leaving Chicago for New York. He had finished his treatment and was very weak to walk in the airport. I requested assistance from the Airline in advanced but he did not want to use this privilege; he said he would walk through the gate. I was concerned about his action because every time he does things beyond his capacity his body cannot tolerate it. And he ends up in the hospital. As our plane took off, I offered a prayer for a safe travel.

When we arrived at our hotel in New York, my husband was very tired and had no appetite. I gave him Divine Light and he fell asleep.

We got up early. the next morning to prepare ourselves before going to the center to participate in welcoming Oshienushi-sama.

We arrived at the center early and was allowed to offer Divine Service with other member. The time finally came and Oshienushi-sama arrived at the New York center. We were so happy to greet him and be in the presence of his aura.

The last time I met Oshienushi-sama was at the 50th Grand Anniversary Festival, in Japan; and the feeling of meeting him again at New York center was so profound I felt enlightenment in my soul and unexplained happiness.

I try to be with Oshienushi-sama every time I have the chance to see him in the USA or in Japan; because I believe that once we are no longer in this world; there are no other chances to be with him.

The Oshienushi-samas are always going to the divine spiritual world, and humans cannot go to the astral world; unless we become a holy one and become one of them.

During the communication part; each member was given a chance to talk to Oshienushi-sama. As I shared the story of my husband’s cleansing to Oshienushi-sama, he got up from his chair and asked if he can give Divine Light to my husband. My husband, Dennis, was allowed to receive the Divine Light of God from Oshienushi-sama directly and we were both grateful to God for this wonderful arrangement.

After Oshienushi-sama left the New York center, Dennis and I along with other member exchanged Divine Light there, and in addition, we offered some wonderful food, which was prepared with love and sincerity. To my surprise my husband’s appetite came back and he enjoyed the feast.

Our flight schedule was on the same day and we left the center and arrived at the arrival gate at the airport earlier than the scheduled time.d

I observed that my husband’s energy level was high. He walked faster than usual; especially, when we arrived at the O’Hare airport in Chicago. The distance from the arrival gate to the baggage pickup was long. He only stopped to wait for me since he walked faster than I was; I was left behind catching my breath.

Day by day, I notice the changes to my husband’s condition physically, mentally, and mostly spiritually. He got more energy, positive attitude and was more happy. He did not pay much attention to his physical cleansing. Thank God for his wonderful arrangements! We pray that we will be allowed to meet Su-God’s expectations to expand the Divine Light and teachings in our area, so that, we can welcome Oshienushi­-sama in Illinois.

Thank you very much for allowing us to share our wonderful experiences.

– Clemencia Suritis