On April 26th, I was in Naucalpan to participate in an Open House activity of The Art of Divine Light Practice. At the time, I felt uncomfortable for some reason, so I called my elder sister. She told me that she was very worried about her son who was infected by a virus. The following day, I called her again to ask about his condition. She told me that my nephew started having blisters and eczema appeared, and he was not able to sleep over the night.

My nephew is four years old. He is usually very lively, and dances around the place while singing. But at that time he was very sick. The next day, I went to see him. He was obviously very sick and accompanied by chills. He had not slept for two days nor had he been able to eat. His eczema created severe itching, and he didn’t want to be touched by anything because it was so painful. The sores on his skin became white and puffed up like a volcano. I offered my sister to give him Divine Light and she permitted me.

Right after I began to perform The Art of Divine Light to the area around his navel, he started to relax. Then I gave Divine Light to the rash, and the swelling went down. The white blisters turned red. Moreover, its center became black-red. I was very moved that it changed so quickly and dramatically. When I touched his kidney to find the spot, he shouted because of the pain around there. But after I performed The Art of Divine Light, he said that he did not feel any pain. Then I gave Divine Light to other spots. When I was giving it to spot #3, he started smiling. His mother (my sister) asked him if he felt something. He replied that he felt warm and very comfortable. I gave Divine Light to his blisters which were located on the back of his ear. We witnessed the inflammation subside dramatically. When I touched the back of his neck to find the spot, I found a big hard part. It felt very painful for him. I let my sister touch it to see how hard it was. After performing Divine Light, it did not disappear completely, but it became smaller and the pain decreased. At last, I gave Divine Light to his lower back, and his eczema started to subside and the blisters changed to scabs.

Thirty minutes later I finished Divine Light and his complexion became well, and he gained his appetite. He was able to drink milk, eat fruit, and other things. After that, he started sleeping without feeling itchy. These phenomena all happened in the morning. I went to see him again at night. He almost got well. I checked his back. The blisters which were located around the part where I performed Divine Light were dry. But the part where I did not give Divine Light still had blisters. My nephew asked me to give him Divine Light because he felt itchy. Surprisingly, his condition became well, and he started singing and dancing! My sister understood that his condition was caused by cleansing phenomena and spiritual impurities. Then she offered her appreciation to God. While I was observing his change, I was very grateful that the Divine Light helped him to recover from this Sickness. Thank you very much indeed.

– Mariana Maya López (Mexico Colima Center)