I became a member in September 1995. I had many problems. I was involved with drugs, I was involved in an abusive relationship and both of my children were taken from me.

I tried to get help but nothing I did seemed to help until my brother guided me to the Irvine Spiritual Development Center. After I attended the Basic Seminar, the first thing I did was quit smoking, a thirty-year habit which I tried many times to stop with no success. Only this time there seemed to be another power behind me giving me the power to overcome something I could never before. That was a miracle in itself.

On July 30, 1996, I fell from 25 feet onto concrete pavement as a result of a domestic violence dispute and received a serious injury to my right arm. I could no stand up because I was in so much pain and was taken sway in an ambulance. I was in surgery for approximately 3 hours, as the doctors tried to reconstruct my arm. The radius bone was broken in half, my wrist was shattered and dislocated with 3 pins holding it in place, my elbow was shattered and dislocated and reconstructed with plastic. A steel plate was used to set the radius bone. I could not straighten my thumb or index finger because of tendon damage. The cast on my arm went up to shoulder. The medical prognosis indicated that the use of my right hand was not likely to ever happen again.

After this I went back to Spiritual Development Center and first starting receiving The Art of Divine Light every day. I was obviously disabled from this accident and had a lot of free time on my hands. I started doing Spiritual Volunteer Work at Irvine Spiritual Development Center from morning till night. I used my right hand when giving Divine Light to other people. My cast was removed completely after only 7 weeks. In October my fingers straightened completely, and it was soon after that I regained feeling back in my fingers!

Now I am working full time. That’s an occupation that definitely requires 2 hands. I haven’t seen a doctor or done any of physical therapy whatsoever since. I continue to do Spiritual Volunteer Work every day to try and show my gratitude for the countless miracles God has given me. I can’t tell you how my life has changed!