I am the youngest child of three siblings, and I have been taking care of my mother who was suffering from high blood pressure for a long time. She refused medicine and medical treatment such as homeopathy, and she always stressed that medicine makes her feel ill. So I would give her divine light. Sometimes, I asked Doshis (Ministers) to assist me in helping my mother. At 97 years old it was impossible for her to go to center, but Doshis were so kind and willing to come to my house and give purification to my mother with their love.

Since the afternoon of May 17th, she began to lose recollection of where she was. The next day, I took her to the hospital after Doshis came to my house to give her divine light. The doctor told us that her blood pressure was stable, but there are cardiac murmurs in her heart. By the 19th, she was too ill to talk, so we decided to let her stay at the hospital. On the 21st, she had a stroke and we were told that she would die in a couple of days. The right side of her body was paralyzed and she couldn’t talk or see properly. After having a discussion with our relatives, we decided to take her to the house so that all of us could spend time with her as much as possible. I have a friend who has some spiritual sense and she was able to communicate with my mother’s soul. I asked her to communicate with my mother and ask if she has something to say us. Then my friend told us, “Your mother is only wishing that your whole family live happily together, and also keep giving her divine light.”

After her death, we held Mass for nine days. On the third day of the Mass, one member told me that my mother was there and embraced with the light. I did not know the person had such ability.

What I would like to convey throughout this testimony is to believe Su-God’s Light without doubting. Do not be afraid to perform the divine light to your house, work site, and to your family. Also be willing to receive guidance from doshis.

Now, during this turning point in my life, I wish to use my time for the Divine Service in order to implement the altruistic love and learn many things from doshis. I will make my sincere effort to just give love and help others without asking any returns so that I can convey the teachings of Su-God to people around me to guide them. From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful for Su-God for allowing me to live. Please give Your protection and guidance continuously. Also please bring me up so that I will be allowed to attend the Advanced Seminar in Mexico. I truly understand that I will carry bigger mission by taking the Advanced Seminar, but I believe I can accomplish my mission given by God. Thank you very much indeed.

– Reynalda Salas Alcaraz