Last week I wrote about the duality of human desire, and said,

‘There are two types of desire: healthy desire and evil desire’.

‘We all have these two desires, and they are impossible to extinguish.’

There are two sides to everything, and desires have these two different aspects as well.

We can never erase our desires, but we do have to control them.

God has given these desires for the sake of human progress, so humankind is encouraged to demonstrate healthy desire more and more.

When you look at the world, however, you can find either:

‘People who continue to demonstrate healthy desire.’

‘People who continue to demonstrate the evil desire.’


‘People who have demonstrated healthy desire, but start falling into the temptation of evil desire from some point.

No one on the planet is perfect, and

‘I thought that person was a wonderful man, but then all of a sudden, his attitude changed to negative.’

There is no shortage of such cases, and anyone can be sincere or dishonest in human nature.

So, how can we be faithful at all times?

How can you become a person who is always faithful and devoted to others?

Now suppose you are alone in a room.

You are looking at a table that has a pile of $100 bills, totaling a million, on it.

How many of us would not take a few bills and put in our pocket?

I assume there would be four categories of people in the situation.

– People who don’t touch any of the bills and call the police immediately to let them know.

– People who take a few bills, and call the police.

– People who take only a few bills, put in the pocket, and leave the room quietly.

– People who take all the bills in a bag and leave the room.

We all fall into one of the above patterns.

Hopefully, we are the ones who call the police and let them know right away without having to do anything about the money on the table.

And all the Divine Light Practitioners I know are the obvious ones. These are the people who call the police immediately without taking any single bill.

Where does their sincere attitude come from?

Is it from faith in God?

woman standing in brown field while looking sideways

Of course, sincere prayer and communication with God can lead you to be a righteous person.

However, the reality is that people can do unrighteous things even if they attend church regularly.

We even know some missionary can misbehave. This means that praying to God alone will not make you a righteous person.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the only thing people can do is to control their evil desire.

In other words, people who fall in evil are not in proper control of their evil desires.

Then, how can we better control our evil desires?

After all, it’s not enough to control your evil desire by praying to God alone.

But in fact, there is a way to become perfect in control of your evil desire within.

That is Divine Light practice, and the secret lies in your divine nature within.

I’ll continue next week.