How many times have you been disappointed about things or with somebody today?

Unfortunately, I have been depressed from disappointments many times.

 “Why should I experience hardships?”

 “I want to be recognized for my efforts and skills.”

 “I am talented, but my inferior work colleagues make it impossible to finish this project!”

There are many people who always have to be right and put the blame on someone else.

The dictionary defines ‘disappointed’ as: “depressed or discouraged by the failure of one’s hopes or expectations”’.

Here is another question.

Is it someone else’s total responsibility to accomplish your hopes and expectations even if you explain about it in advance?

It is your own responsibility to realize your hopes and expectations.

Of course, we sometimes need help and supports from others.

If you complain and show your dissatisfaction to others frequently, and make them unhappy, will they support you in an emergency?

I guess you can get attention from others through grumbling about other’s faults; however, it happened in an instant. In the worst case, they will push back against you.

First of all, we need to look back on what we have said and done before.

Since a person who cannot feel happy for others focuses on themselves without knowing other’s efforts and considerations, they may feel envy or regretful to others.

When you think everything based on self-centered love, you might evaluate and distinguish positive or negative without thoughts for others through your prejudicial glasses.

No one can always judge or decide rightly.

 “Take off your prejudicial glasses and look over widely.”

You will be able to see it more positively when you change your perspective. Moreover, the aggressive thoughts will gradually fade away.

forest near body of water during golden hour

Most people get trapped in the situation and believe they are victims of unfortunate circumstances; however, the place was also prepared by God in order to develop your own abilities and potentials.

When you realize it, you will be able to shift mind to appreciation and gratitude.

Depending on your thoughts, you can step forward to realize your own hopes and expectations or your deeds will hinder you from realizing your hopes and expectations.

When setting your mental attitude following “Look over without a Biased Viewpoint”, you will be able to grasp the successes higher than your hopes and expectations, and become the one who will be a LIGHT in the world.