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Spreading God’s Love in a Children Day Care Centre

After coming back from 50th Grand Anniversary Festival, I received lots of work opportunities and I started work as a full­-time worker for a children day care centre. I truly believed that it was Su-God’s arrangement for me to spread his love and share his divine light to people. Therefore, I try to give divine light to kids and the environment as much as I can.

There is a boy whom has constipation, and he is not good at defecating by himself. When he needs to have a bowel movement, he always strains hard and is in pain. Then we always tap his back so that he can smoothly defecate, however he always has a difficult to make it because of constipation. I try to give him Divine Light around his kidney areas as much as I can.

One day, he came to me for help and I encouraged him to keep trying. While I was patting his back, I gave divine light to his lower back. Soon after that, he could defecate without a difficulty. It was the moment when I truly felt the wonders of the Art of Divine Light.

Since then, he started coming to me when he needs to use toilet. From his viewpoint, what I am doing for him is the same as other helpers; patting his back. But I believe that he experienced the miracle of Divine Light that he could defecate without having a hard time. He experienced the Light and also he was saved by the Divine Light.

We are likely to have logic concerning the unseen world, but I came to realize if we perform the Art of Divine Light with our obedience, God will save us. I really appreciate Su-God’s arrangement and using me through my work. I am able to see the miracle by performing the art of divine light.

I thank God for giving me this miracle.

– April Lee