Are there days when you are not in the mood of doing anything?  I have some of those days.  When I am not up of doing anything, I pick just one task and I do it with much care and love. 

It does not have to be anything special.  It can be anything in your everyday life, such as brushing your teeth, putting on your make-up, or making coffee. 

Even such an ordinary action would make a difference to your mood if you give them a little more love and care.  You will find yourself feeling calmed and warm. This way, you become kind to yourself.

When you master giving yourself respect and love, then you naturally you will respect and love others. Try to do something ordinary but with much affection and care for someone else.  He or she will be pleased, which will also make you happier.   

For example, sending off a family member to work with words of encouragement and good wishes, like “Be safe and have a nice day!” these words will become an unseen power and would protect him/her from accidents and misfortune. 

When I was a child, I used to look forward to the afterschool snacks and a message card that my mother always prepared for her children.  She was working part-time and very busy but managed to find the time to make snacks so that her children would not feel lonely when they get home.  They were all simple things like a homemade pancake, fruits, or chocolates and a love message, but they were good enough for me to feel her love.  

Your kind thoughts with love become a warm light that wraps up the person you care about.  Even the person does not know where it comes from, he or she will feel warm and loved. 

closeup photography of white and orange petal flowers

Even in the depth of despair, you will know that someone is always sending you vibrations of love. You will feel more secure and happier.

I believe that the bonds we establish with people through thoughts of love and care are not limited by time or space and are universal. They make a big difference in people’s lives in the present and in the future.

So, send a gift of love every day to yourself and to someone special.  I guarantee you that at the end of the day you will find yourself feeling calmed and warm. This way, you become kind to yourself and it is a way for you to believe in the importance of your existence and that of others.