The missionary trip to other spiritual centers was my monthly routine.
I enjoy meeting the many kamikumites from the different spiritual centers throughout the US and Canada.

I was planning to travel to New York and Boston in April and then Suza in Japan May, but then the “Stay at Home” order was issued. Now those plans are on hiatus.

By spending much time with my family, however, I came to realize this is the best time to strengthen the bond with my family, especially as I kept leaving Emi and kids at home for so long.

All schools within the district are closed until September, the new school year, following the guideline by the governor, and now Emi and I have become teachers homeschooling our children.

I never thought I would have to essentially become my son’s substitute teacher, but by spending my time teaching Manato how to read and write, I simply thank God and say to myself “how lucky I am that I didn’t miss this chance to know what he learns at the school and see his growth together.”

The pandemic confusion is surely a tragedy, however, this stay-at-home period gave me another opportunity to grow and develop within my family.

By the same token, I also have new chances to improve my missionary work in World Divine Light.

We have been hard at work producing and expanding our video content of the Divine Teachings, and I am so grateful that many of you keep giving us positive feedback.
My intention to begin the online class with you is to encourage you all Kamikumites in this challenging time and providing the opportunity to deepen your faith.

The confusion brought by the pandemic can’t be the reason that we pause on our spiritual movement, rather, the US&Canada guidance division of World Divine Light is bringing up its supporting system to the next level, thanks to information technology,

Here, I would like to make the official announcement that the US&Canada guidance division will continue to provide the online class opportunity throughout the year, regardless of the stay-home order.
After all, your opportunity to learn the series of divine teachings will be supported by two layers in World Divine Light: the online class and the on-site class.

The online classes will have two formats; the on-demand class (recorded) and the live class. The first live class launched last Saturday, and I am so glad that people loved the live talk, followed by Q&A regarding the topic that they have just talked about.

The on-site class is the traditional class that each spiritual center will hold based on their schedules (after re-opening).

opened door of house

Those new types of systems, the online class is one of our answers for the pandemic, and I understand that the series of learning opportunities will be a source of your spiritual enrichment.

Enjoy your life more, and stay tuned to World Divine Light.